Tfue Sparks Drama with Cloakzy Over Madden Sponsorship

By Isaac Chandler

September 9, 2019


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It looks like Tfue didn’t already have enough on his plate with his recent streaming controversy and his ongoing legal battle with FaZe Clan, as the famed Fortnite streamer is now dealing with drama over a Trio Cash Cup team up with Cloakzy and 72hrs.

According to Tfue, he had originally turned down a $140 thousand offer from EA to play Madden to practice with the two ahead of their entry into the Cash Cup, only to discover a short while later that the two had signed a similar deal instead and were streaming Madden.

Infuriated by the move, Tfue has decided he will no longer be playing with the two at the tournament and instead is looking for another team to play with.

Cloakzy and 72hrs Respond

While the community was initially upset at Cloakzy and 72hrs for causing Tfue to lose out on so much money, the pair’s quick responses have shed new light on the entire situation.

According to 72hrs, the pair didn’t know Tfue was offered the deal in the first place and would have encouraged him to take the deal if they’d known, especially since they got a similar offer from EA.

Going further into what happened, he also stated that the two were offered the deal, then went to Tfue after his stream was over, so as not to bother him during it, letting him know they were going to take the deal, which then led to Tfue’s frustration.

Cloakzy confirmed 72hrs’ comments on his stream as well, adding that both players wanted to still participate before Tfue had decided he didn’t want to with them.

So Whose Fault Is it Really?

Given all the information we’ve been fed on the matter, and the players’ recent time investment in the newly launched World of Warcraft Classic, it seems as though the issue was just a failure to communicate with each other: a simple mistake.

Still, when business deals offering as much as $140 thousand dollars are on the line, you really need to be able to communicate with your teammates about it.

Tfue is right to be upset that he missed out on the deal, that’s a lot of money, but it is his fault for not saying anything to his team, and also his fault for seemingly burning the bridge with them over a simple mistake that’s clearly seems to lie with him.


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