Tfue DQ’d for Brightness Settings in Odd Twitch Rivals Decision

by in Entertainment | Apr, 7th 2021

The latest Twitch Rivals event was a Minecraft challenge – Minecraft Mystery Games, and Tfue got disqualified for his brightness. Despite coming in first technically, Twitch disqualified him at the very end, because he modified his brightness settings beyond the limit of the Twitch Rivals rules. It’s unfortunate, but it’s incredibly important to read all of the rules before diving into a tournament. Especially when money is on the line. The problem here though is it sounds like other players were doing the same, and only Tfue got disqualified. That’s how it sounds, anyway.

Tfue’s Brightness Settings Are Too Darn High

Turner “Tfue” Tenney’s team did win until the 11th hour, anyway. Twitch informed the streamer that he was being disqualified for breaking the rules. Tfue’s tweet was a succinct enough one, where he seemed genuinely confused about losing because of brightness settings.


However, it sounds like Tfue, whether intentionally or not, did break the rules. He wasn’t using a mod or pack that gave him a visual advantage, but going into the .txt file for Minecraft amounts to the same thing. There were several tweets that show screenshots between Tfue’s view and other players to prove it as well. On Tfue’s screen, you can very clearly see into the water and know what’s there and would amount to the same for dark areas.

The problem seems to be how Twitch has handled the situation. According to several viewers on Twitter, other players were also doing the same, and yet they weren’t disqualified. Only Tfue, who was in first place. Did he break the rules this way? He absolutely did. It’s still a very weird situation though, and for 50,000 dollars, it’s a really sad thing to see someone dominate the Twitch Rivals event like Tfue, only to lose because of his brightness settings.

There’s a screenshot from the Discord, where the admin of the event clearly states that Gamma 1 is the only setting allowed and that Texture Packs are also not allowed – except for the pack for the server they were competing on. So while it’s unfortunate that Tfue was disqualified for breaking the rules on brightness settings, it definitely sounds like that’s what went down.

Tfue is surely welcome to appeal, but it’s not likely to change. So with that in mind, Team BastiGHG won at the end, despite Tfue being on top of the Minecraft leaderboard for Twitch Rivals. We also wish Twitch would enforce the rules equally, that said.


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