Tfue Dominates as Year’s Most-Watched Streamer

by in General | Dec, 20th 2019

We may not have talked about famed streamer Tfue in our news coverage much lately since his FaZe Clan lawsuit began over the summer. The young streamer has been killing it in the streaming viewership game over the course of 2019.

According to a report from Stream Elements, Tfue was the most-watched streamer this year with 87,789,883 hours watched. The next highest streamer was Shroud with 65,807,447 hours watched.

This could be due to Ninja and Shroud’s switch to Mixer earlier this year. Both suffered a declining viewership. However, Tfue’s numbers are still insane.

It’s even more impressive given Tfue doesn’t stream as often as he used to or how often other streamers do. He averages five-hour sessions a day. In the past 90 days, his total time live came out to about 400 hours.

To put that into comparison, fellow big-named streamer XQC has doubled that count in the same period. XQC went live for more than 800 hours in the past three months but still garnered 53,385,731 hours watched.

It goes to show that, despite all the drama around him, Tfue brings what the Twitch userbase wants to see. Even if he’s avoiding the major spotlight, he’s still showing up as the face of Twitch.

Other Notable Streaming Numbers

The data on Tfue was a big component of the Stream Elements report. Other data hidden within it provides great insight into the health and status of the streaming industry right now.

All four major streaming platforms: Twitch, YouTube, Facebook and Mixer, grew by at least 16% in stream hours watched in the last year. Facebook saw the biggest growth at 210% from 2018.

Despite this major growth, Twitch still dominates with a 73% share of the total hours viewed. However, that’s down from last year’s 75% as Mixer and Facebook Gaming have stepped up their efforts to attract viewers by signing big-name stars.

League of Legends also regained its spot as the most-watched game this year. It grew by 7% while Fortnite fell to second with a 28% decline in hours watched. Apex was the only new game on the list this year. PUBG fell from the top 10. Overwatch and Hearthstone were the only games on the list besides Fortnite to see declines in viewership, with the games dropping 6% and 38% respectively.

It was a positive year for most games and streamers. Going into 2020 things are only looking up for their growth and prosperity. Though how long these insane growth numbers can be sustained remains to be seen.


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