Tfue and Cloakzy Split Ahead of Fortnite Trios Cash Cup

By Isaac Chandler

September 10, 2019


tfue and cloakzy

Following the implosion this past weekend of Tfue and Cloakzy’s trio squad for the Trios Cash Cup, whose next round kicks off this Friday, it appears the long-time Fortnite pair may be splitting up for good.

Both players have since begun looking for replacements and a new team for Tfue to join. Tfue tweeted a picture of the rules stating players can swap teams before the tournament starts, so long as all players are in agreeance.

Cloakzy tweeted that he and 72hrs are looking for a third. His tweet notes this will also include the Fortnite Cup and Twitchcon, giving more credence to the rumors the split is long-term.

Drama Recap

The drama began over the weekend after Tfue declined a $140,000 offer to do a Madden promotional stream, thinking he and his team would be practicing for the Cash Cup during that period.

He then discovered his teammates accepted the same deal, meaning practice would have to come later in the day, and Tfue lost out on a massive sum of money.

For their part, Cloakzy and 72hrs claimed Tfue never informed them about the Madden offer. He went on the record stating they would have encouraged him to take the opportunity if they’d been made aware of it.

They also claimed they told Tfue about the streams two days ahead of time, while he accused them of telling him at the last minute.

End of a Friendship

The trio has been arguing back and forth on stream and social media for the past several days, and don’t appear to be slowing down any time soon.

Many, including our staff, speculate this may be the final nail in the coffin for both the Tfue and Cloakzy partnership as well as their friendship. Given Tfues’ recent history of burning bridges, they could be right.

We’ll have to wait and see how things develop over the coming days, but the biggest question on everyone’s mind will be where Tfue ends up.

As one of the world’s best players, there’s no end to the number of teams looking to partner with him. Whether or not this will cause a cascade of players shifting around remains to be seen.

We’ll continue to keep you updated, as always, as the situation develops.


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