TenZ Could Return to Valorant After Sentinels Stand-In

by in Valorant | Mar, 25th 2021

Tyson “TenZ” Ngo showed up at the last minute to take Sinatraa’s place on the Sentinels as a stand-in in Valorant. The matches went well, and now we have to ask the question if it means we could see TenZ coming back to Valorant on a more permanent basis? Things didn’t go so well with the Cloud9 Valorant squad, but TenZ and the Sentinels looked natural and perfect going into battle. It sounds like TenZ may be interested – when the world opens up more again, that is.

From Cloud9 to Somewhere

Sinatraa was put on the bench indefinitely after the sexual abuse allegations came out. This put the Sentinels in an incredibly tight spot, and out of nowhere, TenZ joins the Sentinels for some intense but fun Valorant. Dropping in on an established team, there were many talks if TenZ would make a difference or bring despair and defeat. After all, the Cloud9 team didn’t perform so well. 

TenZ pointed out early on that it had a lot to do with a lack of LANs. “It was already kind of a pain to play online. Where I’m located, I have double the ping of all the other players, so it can be quite frustrating, especially if I’m OPing. In Valorant, the time to kill is so low that the ping makes a huge difference. I have to play a lot more fundamentally than rely on my mechanics as much as I could.” 

A lack of LANs ultimately led, apparently, to TenZ stepping down from professional Valorant play. It’s not like he stopped playing. So as it turns out, in-person events are important. He’s doing remarkably well on the ladder, sitting at somewhere around 300 -27. 

According to the man himself, he’s doing remarkable, but he still has some room to grow and improve. “I feel like there’s certain aspects of my game that can definitely be worked on, but ever since I stepped down from pro play, I’ve just been grinding ranked. I don’t think my aim would ever fall off, but maybe my fundamentals.”

The Sentinels looked like they hadn’t missed a beat when TenZ was on the squad. But the real question has to be asked: Could TenZ be coming back to Valorant full time? According to TenZ himself, there’s a possibility, but not right now. “It’s definitely a start, and it’s really enticing for me, but also when some more LANs open up domestically and there’ll be even more of an offer I can’t let down [then I may return].”

It would be a great thing for the scene to see TenZ come back to Valorant, whether it’s on the Sentinels or perhaps somewhere else. Perhaps on a team owned by Dr Disrespect?


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