Tencent Devotes $215 Million to Fight Coronavirus, Chinese Teams Unable to Attend DOTA 2 Major

by in General | Feb, 13th 2020

Tencent may be one of the biggest tech entities in the entire world. There aren’t too many games or gaming communities that don’t see the name “Tencent” somewhere. The threat of the coronavirus may be mostly confined to China right now, but Tencent is doing its part to put a stop to it.

On February 7, Tencent announced they would invest $215 million to create the Coronavirus War Chest Foundation, dedicated to doing battle against the virus outbreak. The foundation will provide materials and equipment, resources, technology support, medical staff care and science support for R&D.

Doing Good for the World

It’s more than just simply putting some money out there for a foundation, too. Tencent also devoted $43 million to those who are on the front lines of this outbreak. This will also include medical staff, police, sanitation workers, building workers, journalists and front-line volunteers. We love to see companies making moves like these. Tencent’s certainly doing their part to fight the coronavirus.

This is a major move and a considerate one to boot. Does it have ulterior motives? Possibly. After all, esports is colossal in China, so fighting this virus off as soon as possible is important. It’s crippling China in all esports venues right now. Regardless of the reasons, it’s still a very smart, philanthropic move.

China’s not the only one getting involved, either. Smilegate, publisher of CrossFire and a partner of Tencent in South Korea, will also donate to Chinese cities for fighting the coronavirus. Smilegate is giving $1.43 million through the Chinese embassy in Korea. They also donated masks and disinfectants for South Korean citizens who came back to South Korea from Wuhan.

Let’s Talk DOTA 2

Esports has been rough in China for a few months, thanks to the coronavirus. But there was a great esports announcement concerning DOTA 2. China welcomed a new esports event on February 12.

It’s the ESL One Los Angeles Dota 2 Major Chinese qualifier. This is an online-only competition co-hosted by the Chinese livestreaming platform Huomao. We also heard that the Chinese esports team Vici Gaming will not attend the ESL One Los Angeles Major, due to the coronavirus.

The coronavirus not only affects events in China but Chinese esports teams attempting to conquer elsewhere. US Health Secretary Alex Azar made a statement on February 1. Foreign nationals who visited China in the past two weeks would be denied entry into the US. Any citizens returning from the Hubei province would get quarantined for 14 days.

Sadly, Vici Gaming has four out of their five teammates calling Hubei home, so they will not take part in the DOTA 2 Majors. It sounds like it’s going to be a very rough 2020 for Chinese esports. All we can do is hope that these organizations and medical professionals can put a stop to this terrible virus and come up with a cure or antidote.


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