Sentinels See Temporary Charges for Agent Abilities in Valorant Patch 1.11

by in Valorant | Nov, 2nd 2020

You may have noticed some stark changes to how Killjoy, Cypher, and Sky work in Valorant, now that Patch 1.11 is live. You’d be right, there are temporary agent charges that came with Valorant in this latest patch. These particular agents all have something in common. They’re defensive agents, who can expertly scout out enemies, and also defend bombsites – perhaps a bit too easily.

So with that in mind, some temporary agent charges were put into place in Valorant.

Let’s Take ‘Em Down a Notch!

These temporary Valorant changes went to any agent who has abilities that can be reused in a round. It doesn’t matter if they’re recast or repositioned. Abilities like this will not be carried into the next round. Killjoy’s Alarmbot, Cypher’s Trapwires, and Skye’s Heal are all hit by this impactful change. Interestingly enough, Killjoy’s Turret and Cypher’s Camera are still able to be repositioned and recalled.

The rest of these abilities are not. One of the Riot Games developers named rycou discussed this on Twitter:

This means players who specialize in these agents will have to spend their money wiser. No more simply throwing it around and dominating other players. As far as competitive and solo play goes, we don’t think this will impact the game too much. However, the idea that the other agents will have a more even ground to play on is pretty nice. This was likely not a change that was made lightly, and with the idea of balance in mind. So we’ll just have to get used to spending those abilities just a little wiser.


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