Tekken’s Kazuya Mishima Is Smash Ultimate’s Newest DLC Fighter

by in Fighting Game News | Jun, 21st 2021

Kazuya Mishima from Tekken is the newest addition to the Super Smash Bros Ultimate cast of fighters, as revealed in the E3 Nintendo Direct. There has been rampant speculation as to the identity of this fighter for months, but while Bandai Namco was speculated to get another representative as they’ve helped with development of the Smash series since Smash for Wii U, many were not expecting Tekken to get representation.

Tekken is, of course, one of the longest running fighting game franchises and one of the first to go 3D alongside Virtua Fighter. It’s the 3rd (4th if you count ARMS) fighting game to get a fighter, joining Street Fighter’s Ryu and Ken, as well as Final Fight’s Terry Bogard.

With Kazuya’s introduction, there is only one DLC fighter left to be revealed in Fighter Pass Vol.2, after which development on Smash Ultimate is said to be wrapping up. Barring any changes in plans or last minute additions, this means Smash Ultimate will have 88 fighters, far and away setting a record for the number of fighters in a game like this.

What Moves Does Kazuya Have From Tekken in Smash?

Here’s a list of all the moves that are being added from Tekken in Smash Ultimate:

Kazuya Move List

  • Tsunami Kick
  • Searing Edge
  • Flash Punch Combo
  • Steel Pedal Drop
  • Flash Tornado
  • Nejiri Uraken
  • Crouch Spin Kick
  • Twin Pistons
  • Sternum Smash
  • Jumping Sobat
  • Spinning Demon to Left Hook
  • Dragon Uppercut
  • Tombstone Crusher
  • Gates of Hell
  • Wind God Fist
  • Crouch Jab
  • Roundhouse to Triple Spin Kicks
  • Rising Toe Kick
  • Stature Smash
  • Crouch Dash
  • Left Splits Kick
  • Stonehead
  • Demon God Fist
  • Oni Front Kick
  • Double Face Kick
  • 10 hit combo

We should find out more about Kazuya’s moveset, as well as his release date on June 28, when Masahiro Sakurai will be detailing the character in his typical breakdown. The button assignments and which combos link to what, as well as if Kazuya will function like other fighting game characters in Smash (with Autoturn correction, and all) will be revealed then.

 Usually, the character debuts either the same day or shortly thereafter in the game.

What Easter Eggs Are in the Kazuya Reveal Trailer?

The Smash DLC reveal trailer for a new fighter is always one of the highlights of any new Smash fighter joining the roster. This time around, Kazuya was shown throwing various fighters off of a cliff into a raging volcano – directly referencing his Tekken 1 ending where he threw his father Heihachi off a cliff. He would later go on to repeat this act in his Tekken 7 storyline, though this time the aforementioned volcano plays a larger role, presumably killing Heihachi (though, we have to imagine he’s still going to come back in the inevitable Tekken 8, the old man refuses to die.)

Of course, the moment that most are memeing about in the end of the trailer is when Kazuya attempts to kill Kirby, but the little fluffball refuses to die, instead floating his way back onto the stage, and leaving Kazuya looking confused.

He had much more success with Ganondorf, Min Min, Captain Falcon,Pit and Marth, all of whom he was shown fighting at various stages of the trailer. He also got a few rounds with Ryu in, and even parodied the Bandai Namco Tekken intro, though he’s fighting K. Rool during it instead of Jin.

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