Tekken World Tour Finals DLC Breakdown

by in Fighting Game News | Dec, 9th 2019

If Harada “Don’t Ask Me For S**T” Katsuhiro says there was no leak, then there was no leak! That said, Microsoft goofed, and put some DLC announcements on their store ahead of the Tekken World Tour reveals.

Shame, Microsoft! Fie and Shame! That being said, this was an incredible weekend for Tekken, such as the release date for the best character in the game Leroy Smith, as well as two more character reveals and a new stage.

The Tekken World Tour Finals also saw the crowning of this year’s King of the Iron Fist tournament: Yuta “Chikurin” Take! Congratulations, Chikurin! Tekken has one of the most competitive scenes around, so it could not have been easy.

This all went down during the Tekken World Tour Finals 2019, right before the Top Eight began. December 10th is going to be a great day for fans all over the world. It’s more than just Leroy Smith!

Leroy and Ganryu!

Leroy Smith isn’t the only new character coming to Tekken 7 on December 10th, when the next DLC drop occurs. It’s also going to feature his adorable dog, Sugar! Oh, I’m just kidding. Tekken fan-favorite Ganryu was also shown off, and he comes at the same time as Leroy Smith.

But Sugar is a part of Leroy’s kit! Much like Kazumi Mishima, Leroy can summon an animal pal to be used as an attack. However, we’re all very glad that you can’t hurt this dog (like the tiger). Can you imagine having to punch a cute pup to win a fight?

I couldn’t do it; I won’t lie to you. However, Harada pointed out on Twitter that Sugar has a mood! You summon the dog via a command, but Sugar isn’t guaranteed to show up. Sugar might not be in the mood to attack for you, so that’s something to be aware of. I love this because you can’t spam the dog as a zoning ability.

The Wing Chun master has been very popular on the internet. It’s clear that the Tekken team put a lot of effort and work into making Leroy Smith authentic and realistic. He looks so. Freakin’. Cool. I can’t get over how awesome Leroy is, and his impending arrival convinced me to reinstall Tekken 7.

Ganryu, however, is a mainstay of the series. The mighty sumo is on the way back on December 10th. He’s proud, passionate, and ready to batter people with throws and fierce hands. His reveal trailer is hilarious on top of that. When he shows up, the in-game audience shows him no love, and he seemed genuinely disappointed.

However, Ganryu gets his applause and breaks into tears. Ganryu’s strikes and charges are serious, and it looks like he’ll be able to do some pretty sick juggles. In addition, he seems obsessed with Julia. His livestream has lots of pictures of her in the background. The “I <3 Julia” shirt’s another clue. Julia however, seems repulsed. I love Tekken, it has so much character and depth.

New Character: Fahkumram (and Thailand Stage)

In Spring 2020, we’re heading to Thailand! That’s right, Tekken 7’s Season Pass 3 will include the Thailand Stage, as well as the new Muay Thai Fighter champion, Fahkumram! He’s not fighting for revenge, justice, or to save the trees.

Fahkumram is fighting for the freedom of his family. That is truly the noblest cause. His trailer starts off with Marduk proudly claiming he’s number one, only to be surrounded by soldiers. It doesn’t look like he fights because he has a choice. He’s dropped from the sky, bound in a contraption. Fahkumram is massive, and his movements are legit Muay Thai.

Marduk’s strikes in the teaser don’t even phase him during the animated cutscene. His kicks and punches are very reminiscent of Sagat from Street Fighter, and that’s a compliment. He has a lot of mid-screen pressure, and the trailer also seems to allude to a block-counterstrike ability. This ripped, mysterious fighter really has my attention.

His look is unique, and he’s a fresh face for Tekken, never seen. I love seeing long-standing franchises add new characters to their roster. One thing I appreciate Harada-san for is the attention to detail every character has.

Fahkumram isn’t the average “I’m so awesome, King of Muay Thai” character. He’s incredible and violent, but it sounds like he’s being forced to fight against his will, making him try even harder. He’s relentless and brutal. This has been a great year for Tekken 7, and it sounds like 2020’s going to be even better!

Here’s a list of the DLC coming that you can be ready for:

  • [DLC 11] Ganryu (Returning Playable Character) Revealed – Available for download on 12/10
  • [DLC 12] Leroy Smith (NEW* Playable Character) Street Date Revealed – Available for download on 12/10
  • [DLC 13] Frame Data Display Street Date – Available for download on 12/10
  • [DLC 14] Fahkumram (NEW* Playable Character) Reveal – Coming Spring 2020
  • [DLC 15] New Stage – Coming Spring 2020


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