Tekken 7 Steam Version Updated to Fix Crashing Issues

by in Fighting Game News | Oct, 12th 2021

Tekken 7’s Steam version received an update this morning to address unexpected crashing issues. The patch fixed a bug that would cause matches to end early when a player performed a Rage Art. This wouldn’t happen every time a Rage Art occurred, but only under certain circumstances. According to Tekken developers, performing a Rage Art after a KO could cause a battle to end.

They also noted that Rage Arts under certain circumstances could cause battles to end, but did not specify. I personally have seen this bug occur one time myself after a player punished a blocked Rage Art with their own Rage Art. It would seem that this issue was random and not incredibly common. Nonetheless, it was affecting players’ experience, so the developers quickly responded.

What is a Rage Art?

When Did This Issue Start?

Reports of Tekken 7’s Steam version crashing due to Rage Arts started in September. On October 1st, Tekken announced on Twitter that they were working on a fix. After nearly two weeks, the game has been updated to tackle the issue. It remains to be seen if the problem is gone for good, but it is encouraging that the bug is on the developers’ radar. Rage Arts are a big enough headache on their own and don’t need to be crashing people’s machines.

Reason for Fix

Rage Arts causing Tekken 7 matches to crash on Steam was a pressing issue for the development team to fix. Since the start of the pandemic and rise of online play, the bulk of the game’s players moved over to PC for more stable connections. Many were at risk of being affected by the bug, including pros. It could have also impacted online tournaments, although no major instances of this were recorded. For instance, the Tekken Online Challenge has held several competitions over the past few weeks. A crash during the final game of a Grand Finals set could have been catastrophic for the event. More importantly, the issue was a glaring inconvenience for the entire player base. The new update hopes to ensure that these worries will not be on the players’ minds going forward.


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