TeeP Joins Envy to Create Warzone Content

by in Call of Duty | Apr, 6th 2021

Team Envy is getting back one of their former pro players to create Warzone content. With 18 Major wins, Tyler “TeeP” Polchow is one of the most successful Call of Duty pros that I can think of. It feels like a real homecoming, even if TeeP only worked for Envy in 2015-16, but he’s back, creating Warzone content for them. A Call of Duty world champion and analyst, TeeP has an incredible knack for Call of Duty content, so we’ll have to see what he brings back to Envy.

From World Champion to Warzone Legend

The Call of Duty League analyst has certainly been keeping busy, grinding in Warzone in addition to his normal duties. It’s no surprise to see he’s back with an org like Envy. TeeP’s Twitch stream has more than 600,000 Twitch followers. TeeP will stream Warzone for the Envy fans, as well as compete for the org. Across various tournaments and competitions, TeeP will compete under the Envy banner, which can only mean positive things for the org. Perhaps Mike “hastr0” Rufail said it best: “My man is back, and he’s out grinding everyone. Envy Teep never sounded so good.”

Hastr0 is the founder of Envy and genuinely sounds glad to have TeeP back, and we don’t blame him. Warzone is only a year old and has a long life ahead of itself; it sure sounds like. While people seem a bit upset about the 1980s Verdansk map, the game still has hundreds of thousands of players daily. Thousands regularly tune in for TeeP’s content and analysis of Call of Duty, so it’s no big shock to see him eventually join another org. But this is a seriously big get for Team Envy. 

TeeP’s announcement was a succinct “Joined @Envy.” The internet seems to be genuinely happy for the legendary Call of Duty player. He’s competed alongside some of the greatest teams of all time, and it looks like TeeP has found a good home, alongside Team Envy.


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