Techland’s Dying Light 2: Stay Human Gameplay Trailer and Release Date Announced

by in General | Jun, 1st 2021

2014’s Dying Light captured the hearts of many as an urban free-running, open-world RPG, taking place in the quarantined city of Haran. Players traveled worldwide, fighting the infected while trying to find a cure to the virus, all hoping to save humanity. Dying Light 2, although being delayed to COVID-19, found itself showing off the game on a live stream, adding to the list of recent live streams from well-known series, such as Sonic the Hedgehog and Far Cry. The broadcast gave players more information on Dying Light 2’s new world, mechanics, and story.

What the Broadcast Revealed

The broadcast unmasked many of the questions fans were having after the E3 demo of Dying Light 2 in 2019. Now bearing a subtitle, the game Dying Light 2: Stay Human was shown off to the masses in a live stream, co-hosted by the voice actor the main protagonist of the game, Aiden Caldwell. Here’s what the broadcast covered for Dying Light 2.

The Story Begins 20 Years Later

The story takes place 20 years after the events in Haran in 2014’s Dying Light, now taking place in 2034. Dying Light 2 shows that the world has entirely collapsed after a mutated version of the Haran virus escaped the government lab it was being held at in Geneva; with the world thrown into chaos, society crumbled into ashes. However, one bastion of hope remains at the forefront of human civilization nicknamed The City, where citizens live on the rooftops because the ground level is dangerous to anyone who dares to step foot outside. While inactive and hiding indoors during the day, the infected roam around during the night. Techland explained that more special-infected types would be there for players to fight and flee from if they dare step foot outside. 

Multi-Dimensional Characters and Factions

Techland was also interviewed about the kinds of characters players can meet during their adventure in Dying Light 2. The developers mentioned three factions that players can interact with. The Night Runners are veteran survivors brave enough to trek out into The City to help survivors in the dead of night, keeping them away from the infected and being turned into one of the monstrous masses. The Peace Keepers are soldiers who want to return to a form of civilization with a government that will do anything to bring their ideal version of the post-apocalyptic world to light. Lastly, the Renegades, ex-prisoners who fight ruthlessly under the command of the Colonel. 

The player takes control of the main character, Aiden Caldwell. He found his way into The City to find a relative who he lost track of years ago, someone who knows the answers to the questions of Aiden’s past, something he can’t remember. Techland also clarifies that no faction will be either “good” or “bad,” with characters from all factions being complex and multi-dimensional. Whatever faction the player decides to side with will mean that those characters within the excluding factions will be affected by the choices. 

A Rich and Evolving Open World

Techland explains that the player’s choices during missions and story quests change how the world evolves during Aiden’s story. An example the developer provided is Aiden choosing which faction electricity can be channeled to, with the rewards being not only items but also safe houses, movement systems, and more. Aiden’s course throughout the game will be different for everyone who’s playing through the game. 

Techland explained later during an interview that the game’s world will consist of only two regions, to be more vertical and compact with content for players to enjoy. The evolving world is the severity of the day and night cycle, seeing the world change during the night. As the sun sets, the infected roam the street, making traversal on street level near impossible; combining this with the multiple new special infected makes for a more terrifying and intense journey if the player elects to survive the night. However, there are some benefits to traversing The City when the moon is out. 

Players who decide to enter the infected nests while most of the infected are outside can find some of the most valuable items in the game. With a gameplay video implying that Aiden is suffering from the virus on his own, he can find a means to keep himself human by scavenging the infected nests. 

Improved Parkour and Combat Mechanics

Parkour is a staple of the Dying Light series. Techland has doubled the number of moves that players could have in the previous title. Some of the gameplay footage used in the Dying 2 Know broadcast showcased an enhanced version of the grappling hook, which can be used in combat, a glider, and wall-running, which was lacking the first game. Players are also able to implement more of their movement arsenal into the combat of the game. 

Parkour will be touched upon more in the second episode of the Dying 2 Know web series. Combat has also gotten a massive overhaul when it comes to this new title. Guns are sparse and not found as commonly. Techland has gone out of its way to overhaul the melee combat in the game. Their goal is to make every weapon feel satisfying to use and effective against the infected roaming the streets of The City. Players can test their weapons out on the infected who decide to roam the streets during the day or the groups of bandits, thugs, and outlaws who roam the streets constantly looking for someone to fight or someone to pillage. 

Release Date and Collector’s Edition

Near the end of the broadcast, Techland finally announced the release date for Dying Light 2: Stay Human and that it would be coming to PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, and PC on Dec. 7. The game also has deluxe physical editions or a collector’s edition which comes with a concept art book, a steel book, a UV flashlight, and a high-quality figurine of the main character fighting the infected, which functions as a UV light as well. 

Players interested in more information about Dying Light 2 will be happy to know that this isn’t the only time Techland will show off the game. Dying 2 Know will be a series talking about Dying Light 2: Stay Human before it launches on Dec. 7.


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