Teamfight Tactics Spectator Mode Delayed Until 2021

by in Teamfight Tactics | Aug, 7th 2020

Were you one of the huge fans of Teamfight Tactics that can’t wait for Spectator Mode? Well, we have some bad news for you: A delay hit Teamfight Tactics’ long-awaited Spectator Mode. It doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen until 2021, according to a Roadmap that was released by Riot Games today. We’ve already waited a year, and now we won’t see until the next one? There are, unfortunately, other things that simply have to come first.

If you ask us, it should have been in the works during the development process, but here we are. How did this go from “top priority” to “sometime next year. . . maybe”? That’s an excellent question. 

Where Do We Go From Here?

According to Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer, Spectator Mode for Teamfight Tactics was a top priority, but now we have another delay. After the promise to work on it, we learned that it would ultimately be a very complicated, intricate design process. We do want a working spectator mode, with as few glitches and errors as possible, after all. 

We managed to get a mobile launch before spectator though! Green Teej, Teamfight Tactics lead developer spoke about the delay:

“We wanted to deliver that to viewers this year, however, we had to focus on some other areas of the game first, like keeping up with the new set cadence, as well as the mobile release. We don’t have the timing out just yet, but we are now clearing out space for spectator mode work to begin.”

“We’re still exploring spectator mode as a way to enjoy the TFT viewing experience,” Teej said. “And we know how important this feature will be, especially for those who like to watch TFT at a high-level of play.”

The Set Three Teamfight Tactics Galaxies Championship wasn’t going to have a Spectator Mode anyway, since it wasn’t slated to arrive quite yet anyway. We can only hope that will be ready before the Set Four Championship, due to hit our screens in Spring 2021. But what is on the way?

What’s Ahead?

They’re happy with how the Sets have worked so far, and they’re still on track for the next Major Set to drop in April, with a mid-set patch/update scheduled for January. It also sounds like a new event is coming in September, which could be very exciting. There will also be multiple modes coming to the game, so that is more important, to us at least. You can expect the first new mode in early 2021. Mobile players can also look forward to improvements that are on the way. This, in particular, should make it easier for more phones to be able to run the game.

Sadly though, for those of you who want the Spectator Mode, we have no idea how long of a delay it will be before it hits Teamfight Tactics. “Sometime in 2021” is our best guess. We’re going to suppose it will be ready before the Spring Championships though. Don’t make us out to be wrong, Riot Games!


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