Teamfight Tactics Set 3 to Launch Without Galaxies

by in Teamfight Tactics | Mar, 16th 2020

Teamfight Tactics Set 3 is set to launch in the coming days. But now, it appears it’s going to be doing so without one of the key new mechanics created for the set: Galaxies.

No Galaxies in Patch 10.6

According to a Reddit post by Lead TFT Designer Riot Mort, Galaxies is delayed from the launch of Set 3 in 10.6 to patch 10.7 so that Riot can get a better sense of what the “normal” state of the game is before releasing the new mechanic.

Due to highly positive feedback about the Galaxies from the Public Beta Environment (PBE), Riot will launch Galaxies with several additional ones. It includes a Galaxy that gives you a free reroll every round. Also, one that starts your Little Legend with extra health. The team will increase how often Galaxies appear in TFT matches up from the current 20%.

Some of the new Galaxies set to appear in patch 10.7 include:

  • Trade Sector: The first reroll each round is free.
  • Superdense Galaxy: Players receive a free Force of Nature on reaching level 5.
  • Not So Little Legends: Little Legends have more starting health and are larger.

Given the popularity of the new Galaxies mechanic, it’s going to frustrate TFT fans for the first two weeks. They have to play on a new mechanicless Set. Some fans reacted positively to the news with excitement over the addition of other Galaxies. Others praised the decision. It allows players time to get used to new units available without worrying about another new mechanic to learn just like with Elemental Rifts.

With TFT Galaxies set to launch later this week with Patch 10.6 and rumors of TFT Mobile following shortly after, there’s never been a better time to get back into Riot’s take on the auto chess genre. We’ll bring you a guide on the best comps to run with it soon. Stay tuned for more TFT Galaxies content coming soon!


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