Teamfight Tactics: Galaxies Monetization Changes Announced

by in Teamfight Tactics | Mar, 3rd 2020

Just a week after revealing some of the new Origins and Classes coming to the game in Teamfight Tactics: Galaxies, developer Riot Games has released a new blog detailing changes to monetization coming in Set 3 and some of the new cosmetic content we can expect when the set drops later in March.

New Battle Pass and XP System Changes

Discussing lessons taken from the past two sets, Riot Games remarked how frustrated fans were about how difficult it’s been to get the Little Legends they want to use. You still can’t buy a Legend up to its three-star form. However, you can buy a single instance of the base Legend. You can finally have that Featherknight you’ve always wanted.

Additionally, the company revealed the current free battle pass for the game would remain. It will extend and feature a new paid track known as the Galaxies Pass+. This offers additional goodies like map skins, new Little Legends (including my new personal favorite, the space whale) and a new cosmetic known as Booms.

Booms change the damage particles for all characters from units to the Little Legend damage done for winning a round. This gives you a new way to show off in a game. Want your new UFO Sprite to fire an energy blast when you beat your opponents dirty Star Guardian comp? Now you can!

New content is great. However, grinding for it can be a daunting task since experience is hard to get in TFT. Riot Games heard the issues loud and clear. Gone are the slow recharging experience orbs. Now, there are lesser amounts of XP from finishing games. Therefore, you’ll always progress towards new rewards in the TFT: Galaxies pass whenever you play.

Riot Games will also overhaul the missions system for the game. This will give you three missions a week that take longer to complete than the previous six you unlocked in earlier sets. The missions give a flat 200 XP for completing them. They will include more interesting missions than previous sets, with the developer stating, “No more play games until 3-6 missions here!”

Ranked Rewards and Mobile Client

Beyond stuff for the new season, Riot Games is going back to giving goodies for players who played since the beginning with new ranked reward content to celebrate player success in each Set. Beyond rank emotes from Set 1, players can also obtain special variants of Little Legends for placing above Gold in a single season.

Much like the Victorious skin line in League of Legends, the Little Legends variants will be specially designed to celebrate the season, with the variant coming for the most iconic one of the season’s Set. One will come for players for Rise of the Elements in a couple of months. Players will also receive one for their placements in Season 1 as well. The selected Little Legend appears to be Silverwing for that Set.

Lastly, the developer discussed the upcoming mobile variant of the game set to launch with the new set. While the TFT: Galaxies Pass+ will be available for purchase on the mobile variant around launch, the rest of the item shop will be unavailable initially, including opening up Little Legend’s eggs you’ve gotten.

All progress will track between both the PC and mobile variant while logged into your Riot account. You can always hop on the computer and open everything before it all comes to the mobile version.

The items and full roster/class/origin reveals will drop throughout the day as the new Set hits the PBE. So, stay tuned for more TFT: Galaxies information coming your way.


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