Team Vitality Reveals Dragon Ball Inspired Shoes, the VIT.02

by in Fighting Game News | Dec, 15th 2020

Now, this is pretty interesting news! Adidas and Team Vitality are teaming up to bring to life a set of limited-edition sneaks inspired by the Dragon Ball manga! The model number, X9000L3 is also known as the VIT.02, and to see high-quality Adidas shoes inspired by a fan-favorite manga is truly exciting. The best part is that the shoes are available today!

What?! 9000?

Adidas and Team Vitality have been working together for three years, and to see such a stylish shoe come out of it is a delight. The shoes themselves were designed by Team Vitality and are named after one of the most popular phrases from Dragon Ball Z’s “Saiyan Saga”. The shoe, the X9000 is a reference to the moment when Goku returned to Earth to battle Nappa and Vegeta. 

The VIT.02

Something being “Over 9000” now refers to that thing being incredibly, impressively powerful, or to exhibit extraordinary ability. These Dragon Ball Z Team Vitality shoes are definitely stylish, while also being wearable and comfortable.

You want your shoe to look good, while also feeling good on your feet, right? The VIT.02 has you covered. These sneakers were feature adidas’ revolutionary BOOST tech, which gives unrivaled energy return when in motion. The shoes themselves are black and feature Team Vitality’s slogan “V for Victory” on the right sole. The left sole has the team’s icon, a bee upon it. It’s important for a team-themed shoe to properly mirror the brand’s values and color themes, hence the black and yellow.

Perhaps the coolest part of all, the VIT.02 shoes have reflective stripes that offer unique color-changing elements. In the right light conditions, these will reveal new details that pay homage to Team Vitality. It’s cool to see brands like adidas and Team Vitality work together to create consistent, awesome-looking merch. As someone who frequently wears adidas, they are some of the most comfortable shoes I’ve owned. 

This is awesome news! If you’re looking to get a pair, you can find them on the Team Vitality site, or on Adidas’ own website. These Team Vitality Dragon Ball-inspired shoes look sick and we hope you can snag a pair to show your love for Vitality! 


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