Team Vitality Invests €14 Million Into Indian Esports

by in General | Nov, 11th 2019

You never really know where the next major esports scene is going to erupt from; perhaps it’s going to be India. Fnatic acquired Team XSpark from India a few weeks back, but they aren’t alone. Rewired.GG is a London-based esports venture. They’re investing some major cash into Indian esports via Team Vitality.

The news broke by Mako Reactor’s Rishi Alwani, who posted the press release. Rewired.GG is investing a staggering amount of money into this scene. Compared to what players and teams are making there right now, big things could be on the horizon.

Is It Wise, or Even Responsible?

Alwani went on to say these figures were “a bit ridiculous,” as the data is optimistic. Now, this is not saying that Indian esports don’t exist. According to esportsflag, the major players game-wise in India are CSGO and Dota 2.

It’s no big secret that esports is growing at a wild rate all over the globe. Rewired.GG’s goal is to launch a series of esports academies, as well as recruit players for their teams. Team Vitality already has a CSGO squad, so perhaps they are looking to get into the lucrative Dota 2 esports scene. Team Vitality’s goal is to be one of the world’s first $1 billion esports teams. Success here could put them on their way.

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I’m all for esports growth anywhere. Does Indian esports have the infrastructure or ecosystem for a major scene? I can only imagine they’ve done a lot of homework, but this is, without a doubt a major risk. The last organization I remember branching out into India was Optic Gaming. The last thing said about Optic India was the cheating scandal.

The reason I wonder if this was a wise choice, is it comes on the heels of a new multi-million euro HQ in Paris. V.Hive is going to be open to the public and offer esports discoveries and experiences for anyone who cares to visit. It’s an interesting move, that’s for sure. The idea is likely to keep as many eyes as possible on not just esports, but on Team Vitality. Despite the popularity of esports, some so many people don’t “get it”. V.Hive could change that for the better in Europe.

Known Knowns, Known Unknowns

Team Vitality

Fourteen-million Euros is nothing to sneeze at, and right now, we have no actual details. What games, what plans, what game scenes? That’s a good question. I cannot imagine Team Vitality will break into games that aren’t popular in India. They may focus on the scenes that are already here and work to grow them. Indian esports could bring some exciting matches coming to both CSGO and Dota 2, perhaps even Overwatch.

The European organization has seen success across Europe, from excellent sponsors to team victories. I am curious to see where this goes. Team Vitality does have an eye for talent. I think a great deal of this hinges on the operating cost of these esports academies are. There’s more to making money in esports than simply winning games.

There are media rights, sponsors, merchandising, livestreams, and partnerships. With the right advertising and branding, Rewired.GG could bring in experts to India. There does not seem to be a ton of money in esports in India right now, but I bet Rewired and Team Vitality are looking to the future. By 2020, we could see esports rivaling the value of the Premier League! There’s a lot of money in esports and plenty of untapped markets. We here at Esports Talk will have to keep our eyes on this as it develops.


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