Team Vitality Esports Officially Launches in India

by in CS:GO | Dec, 4th 2020

In 2019, we reported on Team Vitality potentially investing in the Indian esports scene. This is all coming to life now, as Team Vitality Esports are breaking into India with significant plans for 2021. With a chance that PUBG Mobile India has a possible launch, there’s never been a better time for organizations to look towards India again. What can we expect from Team Vitality? As an esports scene that is continuously growing, we’re glad to see more global orgs seeing the potential there.

Big Names, Big Plans

One of the first moves is to establish a deeper connection with the Team Vitality Esports fans in India by partnering with some of the biggest names in India’s content creation scene. Nischay Malhan (Live Insaan), Rachit Yadav (Rachitroo), Nitin Chougale (Classified YT), and Saloni Kandalgaonkar (Mili Kya Mili) have over 10 million (1 crore) fans and will work with Team Vitality going forward. 

“This is an interesting time to enter India, and the arrival of Team Vitality is welcomed with great optimism and excitement,” said Randall Fernandez, general manager of Team Vitality India. “With professional esports significantly picking up in India, our approach will include finding new talent at a grassroots level and offering them the opportunity to join Team Vitality. We will then focus on bringing their performance up to the standard of our global esports athletes, not least at our world-class V.Hive HQ in Paris and our resident training facilities at the Stade de France. Expect to see new Indian esports stars winning tournaments as part of Team Vitality very soon.”  

These content creators will offer incredible contests and bring engaging events across their social media and the Team Vitality India Facebook/Instagram pages. That’s certainly something to look forward to if you’re an Indian esports fan. Though we have no official plans for the Team Vitality esports moves in India, the plan is to be the most dominant org in the region. We can confirm that Team Vitality plans to build a purely competitive branch in India in 2021.

“Team Vitality constantly strives to build winning teams on the international stage,” said Nicolas Maurer, CEO of Team Vitality. “Our entry into India is a big milestone for us and part of our endeavour to conquer the world of esports. Our mission here is to not just build professional teams but to also make ourselves the most aspirational esports brand in the country. We’re very keen to engage with our fans in India via our content creators before competing in the biggest local tournaments with our incoming professional teams.”

If anyone can conquer esports in India, we think Team Vitality has a real shot at it. They are home to eight incredible teams across nine games already and have 50+ athletes across 13 nationalities. CSGO is huge in India as well. Team Vitality having the No. 1 position in the HLTV World Rankings shows they have what it takes to stand on a global stage. If Team Vitality brings their knowledge and coaching to an Indian squad, who knows what the future will hold? 

If we can speculate, Dota 2, Overwatch, and CSGO are among the region’s biggest games. Once upon a time, PUBG Mobile was a part of that list, but we still have no confirmation of India’s official return. Those three games should see Team Vitality India esports squads come to life if we had to guess. Whatever happens, it should be very exciting!


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