Team Secret Teases New Valorant Squad

by in Valorant | Sep, 9th 2021

Team Secret has expanded from being a player-owned organization composed of Dota legends to becoming an esports organization known for scouting young talent and nurturing them. The team has expanded into the Southeast Asian market by picking up a slot in Riot’s Vietnam Championship Series, expanding into PUBG Mobile esports and content creation with Malaysian and Thai rosters, and picking up a Wild Rift team set to compete in the Philippines. Clearly, Team Secret shows interest in the Southeast Asian region.

Secret released an announcement on Twitter that teased a new Team Secret squad for Valorant in a trailer showcasing Skye, Astra, Sova, Jett, and Killjoy. Keep these agents in mind as it provides some important clues on who may be joining the Secret roster. 

Who’s Joining the Team Secret Valorant Squad?

We know that Secret has a vested interest in the Southeast Asian esports scene based on their team rosters. CEO John Yao was included in a panel at last year’s ESI Digital Summer event that discussed the challenges of the Southeast Asian market for western esports brands. In a post on LinkedIn, Yao celebrated Team Secret’s #3 rank on Facebook for esports organizations, noting that “Facebook demographics tend to lean strongly towards Asia.” This trend is largely due to the efforts of Facebook Gaming in creating initiatives for game influencers to use their platform as a hub for their content.

 In a 2019 product update, Facebook Gaming revealed that their platform would be receiving a dedicated app for Thailand localized for Thai users. In 2020, Facebook became the exclusive broadcast partner for the PUBG Mobile Pro League. Looking at the Streamscharts’ platform statistics for Facebook, we can see that languages like Tagalog, Indonesian, Vietnamese, and Thai rank highly on the platform. It makes sense then that Team Secret would see Facebook as a platform worth their attention if they’re trying to reach the Southeast Asian market.

Since Secret wants to cement themselves in the SEA region, it would make sense that they recruit SEA teams. Secret may likely have their eyes on a particular Filipino team that was able to make it to Valorant’s Berlin Masters but struggled to secure their visas on time.

Bren Esports is a Filipino squad that managed to make it to Masters Berlin by going undefeated in Groups and only dropping one game in the playoffs of the VCT Challengers: South East Asia tournament. The Valorant Champions Tour Twitter account tweeted this announcement acknowledging Bren Esports would not attend Berlin due to visa issues. Bren Esports later announced that they were releasing their Valorant squad via their Facebook account. According to the post, “the team has decided to explore and review other possible opportunities, a decision that we respect and wish them all the best in their competitive careers.” Shortly afterward, Secret announced that they were entering the Valorant scene. 

Remember the agents from their promo video? Those are the same agents mained by Bren Esports.

  • JessieVash – Sova/Sage
  • DubsteP – Jett/Raze
  • BORKUM – Astra/Omen/Viper
  • Dispenser – Killjoy/Cypher/Sage
  • witz – Skye/Reyna/Breach 

If I’m wrong, I’d be genuinely surprised. 

Suppose the Bren Esports squad decides to sign with Secret. In that case, it means these talented Filipino players will have the backing of a global brand working with international squads since 2014 and have experience dealing with issues like visas and coordinating players from across the globe. We’ll know for certain once Secret announces their full Valorant roster sometime soon. 


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