Team Liquid Signs Rocket League Squad

by in Rocket League | Jul, 7th 2020

It’s no secret that Team Liquid is one of the hottest teams around. When we heard that Team Liquid was going to be pumping the gas on a Rocket League team, we were, of course, excited. We can expect some of the greats from the Rocket League scene joining their squad, which we’ll tell you about below. Rocket League is for people like me, who love high-octane excitement that can come with soccer, but thinks people running and kicking a ball is boring.

While regular soccer/football can be a snoozefest, Rocket League is anything but. Engines of speed and destruction knock around a titanic ball, trying to score goals instead of soccer players trying to improve their footsie game? 100% on board with that. Not all of the Team Liquid news has been positive lately, unfortunately. Let’s look at something interesting by seeing who they picked up for a Rocket League team!

Fifth Gear Passing

Team Liquid’s Rocket League squad consists of some real veterans. From Mousesports, we see the duo of Francesco “kuxir97” Cinqueman and Jack “Speed” Packwood-Clarke. These two are among the best in Europe, and always put forth maximum effort in the European Rocket League scene. They consistently placed top 5 in the last two seasons, so they’re serious players.

The third member of the squad is Danish player Emil “fruity” Mouselund. Fruity has been a bit inactive over the last couple of seasons. He still has first-place finishes to speak of. He came over from Reciprocity, where he swept Renault Vitality in the RLCS Season 8 finals. He also helped conquer NRG Esports at the DreamHack Pro Circuit in Valencia in 2019. Fruity might be inactive, but he still has the skills to pay the bills.

“It was the biggest no brainer I have ever had, and I cannot wait for the future with them,” Speed said. “As for supporting a new org, it allows us to create our own legacy and not be held back by the thoughts of what the org had previously achieved in Rocket League, which is freeing.”

Team Liquid’s a team with a rich history of success and quality and Rocket League will no doubt continue that tradition. Speed, at the very least, admires his new org and will surely help his teammates secure victory after victory in the Rocket League scene.

“With the introduction of RLCS X, becoming a World Champion is the ultimate goal, with this World Championship being the most prestigious yet in the history of Rocket League,” Fruity said.

The RLCS X is still in the registration phase, so we can only imagine that Team Liquid will join the first EU RLCS Regional, when it kicks off on July 27. It’s going to be a wild season. This signing surely put a little more spice into the proverbial pot. Rocket League has been around for a while now. I think people sleep on it way more than they should.

Especially if you’re a football/soccer fan, you owe it to yourself to check out the evolution of soccer in Rocket League.


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