Team Liquid Innovates With First of Its Kind Fan Engagement Platform, Liquid+

by in Entertainment | Aug, 11th 2020

Team Liquid has announced the launch of the beta for Liquid+, a new fan engagement platform that will reward their fans for participating in engagement with the club, their players, and streams from the team’s players. 

Team Liquid describes the platform as a way to thank the fans for 20 years of esports fandom as part of the team’s two-decade celebration. The Open Beta will begin today with 500 signups, with more fans to be let in on a regular basis. Liquid+ will move out of Beta by the end of the year.

What is Liquid+

Liquid+ is a platform that will be accessible via your web browser and later with a mobile app. It will reward fans for engaging with Team Liquid’s more than 100 pro players and streamers. When fans connect Liquid+ to the sites and social media accounts they use to engage with TL’s players (such as Twitch, Discord, Twitter, or Reddit), Liquid+ will reward them with points for the engagement they show. These points can then be used to purchase in-game currency, event tickets, Team Liquid swag, or even tailored experiences with Team Liquid pros.

“Our fans have given us so much over the past 20 years and Liquid+ is how we start giving some of that love back,” Victor Goossens, Co-CEO of Team Liquid explained. “We want Liquid+ to be a place for fans to feel great about their Team Liquid pride and earn cool rewards for doing it. Whether you’re a die-hard who grew up with us, a newbie whose journey with TL has just begun, or somewhere in between, Liquid+ is for you.”

What Does Liquid Get Out of This?

Team Liquid will get extraordinary amounts of data and insight into its fanbase, which should allow the organization to make more informed decisions and understand exactly who their supporters are that work the hardest to grow the fandom. This will allow their streamers and staff the ability to better connect with their fanbase, opening avenues for better rewards that are more tailored to the hardcore Team Liquid fan. 

“Liquid+ is a fan experience gamechanger, and not just in esports,” Steve Arhancet, Co-CEO at Team Liquid said. “The platform’s power will revolutionize the way sports organizations interact with their fans in the digital age and open new ways to creatively promote awesome sponsorships. We fully expect this model to be replicated by other companies across the sporting world and are proud to lead the charge.” 

This model has yet to be seen, even in traditional sports, and could very well be a template for teams both in esports and in the wider sports world for years to come. This sort of engagement data is something that a lot of teams have to guess on at present, based on impressions, and can be hard to sort out the hardcore fans from casual onlookers. It remains to be seen if fans will be okay with this amount of tracking of their engagement with a given team, but the rewards offered should certainly sweeten the pot. 

Team Liquid has been on a hot streak recently, having just launched their Valorant squad, and qualified for the LCS playoffs in League of Legends. The Liquid+ platform will surely have fans racking up points in no time.


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