Team Liquid Fails to Make 2020 LCS Spring Playoffs

by in League of Legends | Mar, 30th 2020

What is being called one of the biggest falls from grace in LCS history has finally reached its conclusion this past weekend. Four-time reigning LCS champions Team Liquid failed to make the 2020 Spring Split Playoffs. This comes despite the team returning four of its five championship-winning roster members from last year, with only Broxah coming in for Xmithie in the jungle role.

A Wretched Split Full of Troubles

It wasn’t a great Split for the reigning LCS champions, to say the least. While their well-documented issues with Broxah’s visa prevented them from putting their full starting line-up together until Week 4, the team failed to live up to expectations. Doublelift had to take a week off after coming down with a fever just several weeks later. Then he had to fight for his spot on the starting roster amid rumors of lacking motivation and poor mental. The ADC star at one point insinuated he wasn’t taking the Split seriously because he felt it didn’t matter.

Despite some of these issues, the team continued to struggle to find a sense of cohesion in their play. Everything was going their way going into their last game of the Split to keep their playoff hopes alive. However, it just wasn’t meant to be.

Despite a fantastic start to their final match against Cloud9, the team gave away their lead in the mid-game after some poor fight positioning allowed C9 to pick off Doublelifts Ashe. It all culminated in an embarrassing back door by Zven and Vulcan. Liquid pushed out towards drake, costing them the game and their last chance at the playoffs.

What’s Ahead?

With a month and a half until the Summer Split, Liquid has time to work on their issues and come back looking more like their championship-winning form. Roster moves aren’t expected at this time, and that means the team can spend more time working on building the synergy they already have and broadening their champion pools, the latter of which has been a major hindrance for the team all Split long. Doublelift and CoreJJ will need to find that wonderful synergy they had last year, while Impact will need to find his form following an incredibly disappointing start to the year.

The team has shown glimpses of their former glory at times, but they’ll need to find it consistently to be a threat next Split. If things improve, expect to see the Team Liquid roster making it back to the international stage at Worlds 2020. If not, though, we may be in for a huge roster shuffle in NA for next season.


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