Team LaZe Banned from Valorant for 1 Year After Account Sharing

by in Valorant | Apr, 21st 2021

While we have no idea how Riot Games found out, Team LaZe has been banned from competitive Valorant for a year. It was probably through Vanguard, but this is a really unfortunate situation to come to light. During the VCT Stage 2 in the SEA region, Team LaZe reportedly used a benched player from another team using an alias. Essentially, account sharing went on, and thanks to Paper Rex, the whole of Team LaZe have been removed from VCT Stage 2: SEA Stage 2 qualifiers.

Cheating Doesn’t Pay

What is perhaps most interesting about this, is that it appears Timing Monster Gaming won 2:1 anyway during the match in question. If that’s the case, who reported Team LaZe for cheating? Did a player use agents they normally don’t or played better/worse than normal? Only one player on Team LaZe in this Valorant match went positive. LOOWOOMOOLOO was the Valorant player and perhaps that led to the report that got Team LaZe banned.

According to Riot Games, the Valorant org Team LaZe have been banned:

“Effective immediately, a ban has been placed on Team LaZe and all active roster members due to behavior that violates our anti-cheat policy. Following Team LaZe’s match with Timing Monster Gaming in early April, the Competitive Operations team received evidence of account sharing. Upon immediate and further investigations, it was found that an unauthorized player from another team was playing with Team LaZe and had intentionally failed to disclose this to the COmpetitive Operations team.”

Since the guilty party has not been named, it does seem like it could have perhaps been Paper Rex playing for LOOWOOMOOLOO. As the only player that did well, it could have perhaps the signal that tipped them off. Perhaps it was a teammate who found out and ratted the org out. As of now, we have no idea, and can only speculate. This player also had several 1v1, 1v2, and 1v3 victories, and was the only player in this match to have any successful 1v3 victories.

No matter the reason, we’re glad that the team was caught, and were suitably punished. A year away means they can at least come back next year and try to play fairly. With that, Team LaZe have been banned in Valorant until 2022.


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