Team Griffin Loses Everything and the Kitchen Sink at Worlds

by in General | Nov, 13th 2019

The last two months have been rather harsh for Korean League of Legends org Team Griffin.

The org failed once again to win an LCK title after falling to SKT 1-3 and Team Griffin continued to fall short at Worlds 2019 after dropping out in the Quarter Finals to IG in another 1-3 scoreline.

Outside of the game, things have not been any better for the beleaguered org, as the team has been dealing with the backlash from accusations made by their former coach CVMax and one of their substitute players Kanavi, and an investigation by Riot Korea and Korean esports authority KeSPA.

Now the org has all but caved under the pressure, as the figure at the center of the controversy, Director Cho Kyu-nam, has officially stepped down from the company according to a translation of a press release by Korizon.

In the press release, Griffin owner Still8’s CEO Seo Kyung-jong apologized to fans of the team for the embarrassing series of events that had transpired over the past year, and accepted responsibility for it, promising to look, “to resolve this by looking for the best possible solution.”

Cho Strikes Back

Following the announcement of Cho’s resignation, Seo reassured fans that they were fully cooperating with Riot on the investigation and that they would be looking to rebuild, “starting with the foundation of the team.”

While that last statement seems vague, though further translations have clarified that means organizational staff not players, though some of them may be seeking opportunities on other teams.

The story doesn’t end there, though, as Cho is now apparently suing CVMax over the whole scandal.

What exact charges he’s bringing is currently unknown, but a safe guess would be for slander and defamation given what was said.

CVMax has yet to comment on Cho’s removal or the impending lawsuit, though we’ll likely hear more in the coming weeks and months as proceedings begin.

For Griffin as a whole, the team is likely going to be working overtime to put this whole scandal behind them and move towards focusing on next year.

Rumors of some of the teams biggest stars like Tarzan and Chovy going to other squads have begun to pop up, and the team will need to do everything it can to either keep the players or begin the process of rebuilding.

Either way, we’re in for a crazy couple of months until the start of the 2020 LCK season, and it looks like it’s going to be quite the wild ride for Team Griffin fans.


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