Team FreeStyle of Pakistan Not Competing in PUBG Mobile World League Due to Game Ban

by in PUBG Mobile | Jul, 14th 2020

Team FreeStyle, out of Pakistan, will not be able to compete in the PUBG Mobile World League, due to a PUBG Mobile Pakistan ban by the PTA. It’s a real shame. PUBG Mobile seems to be getting a lot of press about concerns about the mental/physical health of the players. With that in mind, it’s really unfortunate to see the team who won PMCO Spring Split in Pakistan not be able to claim their World League spot.

Down, But Not Out

It hasn’t been long since the Pakistan ban of PUBG Mobile, mostly due to their youth’s health concerns. We’ve spoken here about problems with addiction to PUBG Mobile in other countries in the past, so this isn’t a big shock. But it has to be heartbreaking to Team FreeStyle, who worked hard to claim a spot in the PUBG Mobile World League, only not to be able to claim it.

“Unfortunately, the team won’t be allowed to play in the PMWL as long as the game is banned in Pakistan,” said FS Black, Team FreeStyle’s manager. “We are very sorry for this, but we cannot go against the government’s laws. The team will still receive weekly attendance prize money even if you are not playing. Let’s hope the government unbans the game as soon as possible.”

PUBG Mobile has received many complaints and concerns in Pakistan, so it has sadly been banned. At least the team will still receive their weekly attendance prize money, even if they can’t attend. But who wants to make their money like that? These guys want to get in on the action and try to claim their world title. Team FreeStyle is going to work with the Pakistani government to see if the ban can’t be lifted.

Now, there are lots of concerns swirling around PUBG Mobile, and it’s potential to see a ban in other countries, not just Pakistan. But we certainly wish that if this could be pushed back. That way, Team FreeStyle could have tried to claim a world title for their fellow countrymen. We aren’t sure that banning the game is the answer.

Regulation, absolutely. Children are neglecting their physical and mental well-being of the game. They’re stealing thousands from their parents to buy in-game items, and that’s disgusting. Parents taking an interest in their children would help too. Even if sitting down with them and talking more, it could only be a net positive. One of the problems, perhaps, is that kids do whatever they want in-game. Moderation is the key to all things, after all. For now, PUBG Mobile has a ban in Pakistan; therefore Team FreeStyle won’t be putting on a show anytime soon.


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