Globally Top Ranked Team Empire Upset at Rainbow Six Siege Invitational

by in Rainbow Six Siege | Feb, 12th 2020

Tournaments are famed for their tendency to bring out the craziest upsets in any game or sport, from the literal craziness of March Madness to the LCS Gauntlet and Cloud9’s famed runs at them. While upsets and Cinderella stories are common to see at these events, it’s not often we see the number one team in a game get upset by a much lower-ranked team, but that’s what exactly happened this past Sunday as world number 19 Fnatic from APAC took down Europe’s juggernaut Team Empire at the Rainbow Six Siege Invitational.

Team Empire Faces Challenge to Throne at Six Siege Invitational

The upset was a major shock to the Rainbow Six Siege community as Team Empire, the number one team in the world and winners of the Raleigh Major back in August, were heavy favorites to win the Siege Invitational and had taken Fnatic down 2-0 (8-7, 7-2 on maps) in the opening game of the group, and had looked like unstoppable monsters until running into DarkZero Esports in the Winners Match 1-2 (7-5, 4-7, 5-7 on maps).

While they did lose a close series there, a rematch against a Fnatic squad from the weakest region in the pro scene seemed like an easy pass for the team into the playoffs, and many fans were already looking forward to their run towards the Grand Final and a possible rematch against rivals G2.

Apparently Team Empire was looking forward to that final too as the team, while starting out with three straight round wins on the first map Kafe, managed to drop seven rounds straight to Fnatic, with Empire looking completely caught off guard by their APAC adversaries.

Onto the second map of Club House, Empire continued their slide dropping the first three rounds to Fnatic before managing to put two together for themselves. While Fnatic managed to take the next round for themselves, Empire managed to take the following two to put themselves at 4-4 in the game, and while they gave up the next two rounds to put their opponents on match point, they did manage to secure themselves a win in round 11 and set themselves up for a chance at overtime with one more win. It all came down to the final round for Empire, and with a quick two kills onto Tex and Lusty from Fnatic looked like it may go their way.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be as a MentalistC and Virtue from Fnatic managed to come in clutch with an Ace between them, taking the map and match and sending Team Empire out in the Group Stage for the Six Siege Invitational.

This is a huge upset for Fnatic in the early phases of the tournament, and, with the team set to play current Invitational defending champion and Major runner-up G2 shortly after the publication of this article, they may have a chance to keep the Cinderella story going with another major upset. Will they be able to take the reigning champs down or was this win just a flash in the pan for the Aussies? We’ve only got a little while to go until we find our answer, but no matter the end result this upcoming match is sure to be one to watch.


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