Team BDS Rumored to be Building Its Roster Around NUCLEARINT

by in League of Legends | Oct, 9th 2021

According to a novel report by Esportsmaniacos, Team BDS will build its LEC roster around former Schalke 04 mid laner Ilias “NUCLEARINT” Bizriken. Whether this is true or not still remains to be seen, but their track record when it comes to roster changes and off-season signings is rather stellar, so this report definitely has a bit of weight to it.

BDS’ decision to go with a fairly young and inexperienced (and yet very promising) mid laner is indicative of their long-term plan: to find the superstars of tomorrow and give them enough room to grow and maneuver. It is a commendable plan, no doubt, and one that has yielded tremendous results for teams like MAD Lions and Rogue (amongst others).

No contract has yet been signed, though, which means that Team BDS and NUCLEARINT currently have nothing but a verbal agreement. Still, it’s sufficient at this point and could, by all means, be finalized and made official in a matter of weeks if not days.

A More Cautious Approach

We know that Team BDS have more than enough money to spend, which makes their decision to “go small” all the more impressive — it shows restraint, a virtue seldom exercised by the biggest orgs in competitive League. There’s really no reason to go out and spend millions upon millions of dollars on a roster without first establishing a solid enough foundation and a base upon which BDS will build upon for the years to come.

This is a marathon, after all, not a sprint. Moreover, many “superteams” had been assembled throughout history and most of them had failed in quite spectacular fashion. So, why not go with a more cautious approach and test the waters, so to speak? Their money isn’t going anywhere, so they might as well try their luck with a more “budget-friendly” roster.


Judging NUCLEARINT at this point in time is quite a thankless endeavor, even though we have more than enough information at our disposal. Simply put, a player can rarely excel on a subpar team. There were exceptions throughout history, for sure, but the point still stands. With that said, we definitely like what he brought to the table during his short-lived stint with Schalke and the many standout plays he had throughout the most recent Summer Split. He was by no means the second coming of Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok but for a rookie player competing in a region known for its immensely talented mid lane behemoths, he did way better than anyone thought he would. There’s definitely room for improvement, though, and we hope that — should his signing with Team BDS come to fruition — he’ll have the time and space necessary to fully realize his potential.

Now all that’s left is to see which players BDS will round their line-up with, most of which will probably (or hopefully, rather) come from the ERLs.


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