Team Aster and Other COVID-19 Positive Players Cleared for TI10 Competition

by in Dota 2 | Oct, 5th 2021

After an initial scare concerning Team Aster’s positive test results for COVID-19, it seemed that the Chinese team would be prohibited from play should TI10 require group stages to be played in one location. As the COVID-19 situation in Bucharest complicates more with each passing day, a decision from TI10 organizers will allow Team Aster and other Dota 2 competitors to participate in TI10’s group stages despite their COVID diagnosis. 

A Solution for Infected Dota 2 Players at TI10

According to a Weibo post from the Team Aster account shared on the Dota 2 subreddit, Team Aster will be able to participate via online matches rather than the in-person LAN competition that many have expected for the event. 

The post notes that Team Aster still resides in the original hotel they were bootcamping in and that the entirety of their group stage matches will be played in this space. Infected team members are separated from those who are currently COVID-free. Dota 2 community figure Wyrkim Reddy supported Team Aster’s claims noting that Team Aster and other COVID-positive players would compete. 

PGL and Valve have done their best to respond to the community’s concerns regarding Team Aster and the COVID situation in Bucharest, going as far as canceling the sale of tickets for TI10 and refunding tickets to attendees who already purchased them. COVID remains an ever-present threat in Romania right now, as we previously reported. 

With groups being announced today or tomorrow, many are eager to see which of their favorite teams will be facing off against each other. Team Aster and Invictus Gaming are currently the only teams with players confirmed for COVID, meaning that they will both be playing online against opponents who have prepared exclusively for LAN. Their matches will be key for whatever groups they place in, especially since Team Aster has historically done well at online-only events. 


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