Take to the Trails, Slopes, and Skies in the Trial for Riders Republic

by in Sports Games | Oct, 22nd 2021

Back in the early 2000s, it wasn’t hard to find a slew of extreme sports titles for consoles. From SSX, to Tony Hawk’s Underground, Trials, and Freestyle, there were loads of games for players who wanted to scratch that adrenaline-fueled itch.

However, it seems that the genre has come and gone. But there’s one company keeping things alive, and that company is Ubisoft. Previously the company had published an extreme sports title focused on snow-based extreme sports like skiing. The title was called Steep, and players were welcome to explore massive mountains and take part in races. With the game being a success and a reinvigorating push for the genre, there’s now another game coming out that’s going to leave Steep in the snow, and turn up the extreme.

Rider’s Republic Free Week

This new game is called Riders Republic, and it’s got a free trial as of yesterday. Being able to be played for free on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC, the game is going to promise players loads of incredible and death-defying challenges from BMX riding, to snowboarding, skiing, and wing suiting. Players are going to be sent into a massive open world, able to traverse wherever they want in a free roam mode, or complete challenges and races in its three career modes, all available for players to check out. Players will also be able to customize their character to their heart’s content, putting all manner of flair on the character so they can dominate the competition in races.

However, competition is key in this new title, as players are going to be able to compete in Mass Races, which will put 50 players all on the same track. When a massive number of players are racing down a mountain on BMX bikes, anything can happen. That’s the goal of Rider’s Republic, and the title invokes all manner of the extreme sports genres of days gone. However, racing against one another in what sounds like a recipe for disaster isn’t the only thing players are going to be able to do, as each extreme sport is going to have its own sets of challenges and modes that will keep players hungry and asking for more.

One of the examples of something players can do in the game is BMX trick battles, where two teams of six will play against one another and compete to make the most insane tricks and stunts to crown themselves champions.

With the Riders Republic trial week kicking off today, players are going to have something to try out for free, and with the game launching soon. There can’t be a better time to check out a new game without having to spend a penny. Hopefully the multiplayer isn’t going to fall into the same issue as Ubisoft’s multiplayer hit, Rainbow 6 Siege.


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