Tahm Kench Reportedly Seeing a Rework Before Season 2021 Starts

by in League of Legends | Nov, 25th 2020

On a personal note, Tahm Kench is one of this writer’s favorite champions from a lore perspective. The River King has a lot of personality, but not a lot of wins – clocking in at a rough 45% winrate this year as support. That’s the second-worst overall of the support winrates, and that’s really disappointing. When we heard Tahm Kench is allegedly seeing a rework before Season 2021 kicks off, we were very excited! Tahm Kench may be interesting, but he’s hampered by a pretty toxic play style and kit. He does get use in the pro scene, but the more casual players are turned off by how you utilize the Demon. 

What can we expect? Phlox spoke about this recently, so here’s what we know!

Devour Becomes an Ultimate Instead of “W”

There’s a rough idea of what we can expect for a release, but no official timeline. It’s suggested that he’ll drop before the next pro season though. That will likely kick off in January if tradition is upheld. So we can extrapolate from that, that Tamh Kench will probably drop around the end of December/early January, but don’t hold us to that! 

According to Phlox:

“So the TK rework is coming once preseason is (more) settled and we have time to finish up the work and allocate the resources. Really would prefer to have it out before pro starts again, but I sadly can’t just slap a timeline here.”

So, it sounds like it’s definitely in the works, and should be hitting our desktops pretty soon. Now that we have that out of the way, what is actually changing about the River King? When this Tahm Kench remake drops around 2021, they’re aiming to shift Devour (W) to his ultimate. That might sound awful, but consider this: As an Ultimate, it’s going to be way more powerful. His ultimate won’t also require you to play around with what your allies are going to do.

Honestly, this writer has never been a fan of his present ultimate, finding it clunky in pub games. This comes from some “Quick Gameplay Thoughts” from back in June. On top of that, Riot is also testing a self-heal on Tongue Last (Q), and want to see about it once again stacking with An Acquired Taste (Passive). Hypothetically, this could let Devour become a very aggressive move. Tahm Kench is so cool, but this 2021 rework is very needed. You can have all the flavor in the world, but if there’s no meat to go with it, it’s just, well, a pile of seasoning. That’s what Kench is right now. He has the potential to be amazing and fun, but it’s just not worth playing him in your average game. Just because pros are seeing success with him, doesn’t make it good or even feasible. We are very excited to see more details about this rework, and as we get them, you will too! If you want something more concrete, we’ve recently covered the (likely) powerful upcoming support, Rell!


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