T1 drops Anti over allegations of sex with a minor

by in Fighting Game News | Jul, 2nd 2020

Super Smash Bros player Jason “ANTi” Bates has been dropped with immediate effect from T1 Esports after admitted allegations of sex with a 15-year-old girl surfaced. T1, just like NRG with the Nairo situation, wasted absolutely no time and after a tense conversation, dropped the player. 

Anti was T1’s first-ever Smash player and had been with the team for over a year, as he joined up with them back on April 19, 2019. All of that changed today when an anonymous woman from the FGC released a statement detailing an incident in which Anti picked up a 15-year-old girl on Tinder, proceeded to instruct her to lie about her age, and then had sex with her. The allegations also indicated D1, Keitaro, and the Moon also had sex with her, due to them not knowing about her age at the time.

“Earlier today we became aware of serious allegations of misconduct involving Jason “Anti” Bates,” T1 said in a statement. “Following a thorough discussion of the matter with the player, we decided to terminate our relationship with him, effective immediately.”

Anti was furious, taking to social media soon after the call.

“Well you guys got what you wanted, T1 called and told me I’m dropped over some false allegations,” he said. “ You won guys. I’m not blaming anyone.”

Anti Exits the Super Smash Bros Ultimate scene

Anti soon after issued a statement prepared by himself, without the advice of a lawyer. 

“The fact that the majority of the community believes these outrageous claims without a SHRED of proof speaks volumes at how everyone just believes any claim that they lay their eyes on and it’s truly fucking sad,” Anti said. “Well all in all, since im being labeled a “pedophile” even though I clearly know Im fucking not. I will be taking a step back from this community. The fact that some of you opportunistic people are using this #MeToo movement as a way to get rid of people you simply have a vendetta against rather than the actual pedophiles/abusers out there in the world is sickening, But nonetheless, I believe in karma.”

Anti’s statement went on to attempt to debunk the situation, stating that he believed the girl in question to be of legal age of consent at the time. 

“To all the people who reached out and supported me in this time, thank you all,” Anti concluded. “ I’m glad some of you are critical in your judgment of others and still maintain the “Innocent until proven guilty” ideology.”

Of course, that would be fine if this were the only allegation against him. Another woman from the FGC has accused Anti of harassing her on the casino floor of Evo 2017, kissing her on the mouth without consent after meeting him at a bar at Mandalay Bay. 

Either way, despite claiming to be innocent Anti will still be exiting the Smash scene. This ends a career that did not actually include many notable victories in Smash Ultimate, with the one player he beat being Big D at Let’s Make Big Moves back in January. He only one Smashdown back in March of 2019, and was far more known as a competitor in Smash for Wii U where he managed several top 8 finishes across a multitude of events, back when he was a member of the Immortals roster.

T1 Esports exiting the Smash scene also could be seen as a major blow. With Anti’s actions, they could be scared off entirely from re-entering the scene, and could also discourage other teams from picking up players. Indeed, the multitude of allegations against top pro players could discourage teams and sponsors from getting involved in Smash at all, let alone whatever response Nintendo will have to all of this in the coming weeks and months.


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