T-Pain Goes Viral Smoking Racist Call of Duty Players

by in Call of Duty | Apr, 30th 2021

T-Pain absolutely smashed some racist Call of Duty players in a recent live stream and made it look easy. It’s not really a surprise to hear racial slurs and foul language in Call of Duty lobbies, but that simply does not make it right. A little swearing is fine, but hurling racist slurs at someone thanks to Internet Anonymity is gross. T-Pain is a man of many talents. Singer, songwriter, Grammy winner, Twitch streamer. He’s been in movies and partnered with amazing brands. If that’s not enough, he also created beats for streamers to use on Twitch without fearing DMCA copyright strikes. He’s also annihilated a whole team of racist Call of Duty players.

“I Want All Of Them.” – T-Pain:

It might be one of the worst things about the internet. People who hide behind the cloak of anonymity and shout awful, obscene things at others because they can “get away with it”. It’s typically people who would never say the same thing to someone’s face. T-Pain was getting ready for some Black Ops Cold War multiplayer, and the racist lobby of players began shouting slurs, and “f**k Black Lives Matter”. 

It didn’t even seem to phase T-Pain either. Instead, the superstar took note of the names and made sure his squad knew that they were his. “I want all of them. I want every single f**king one of them,” and did he ever get them. 

T-Pain went through the map and popped shots into the players who were calling names and shouting awful, racist things in the Call of Duty lobby. Each time he killed done, he got louder and louder:

I want every single f**king one of them. I want every single f**king one of them. . I want it all. I want every part of it. I want the whole thing!” 

So much of the TikTok clip that T-Pain uploaded was censored, and it’s pretty easy to see why, thanks to the racist Call of Duty players. It sounded like the players in question had soundboards or something to spam the slurs, but it didn’t even phase T-Pain. Instead, he absolutely smashed through the other players, making them look very free. 

The trash talk continued from T-Pain until the game ended, and his team emerged victoriously. He defeated the racist players in combat, ending the game with a simple “stupid idiots,” aimed at the other lobby. All the other team had for T-Pain was silence, instead of slurs. While we’re wholly disappointed people would sling words like that at anyone, seeing them utterly defeated and stunned into silence is just the way a story like this deserves to end – hopefully with a ban for those players too. There are always going to be people that say “If you’re playing online, you have to expect this” or ramble about how “their generation had thicker skin”. Just because it’s happening, and has been happening, doesn’t mean it should. T-Pain showed no mercy and did it in a classy, hilarious way. They were no match for his skill at Call of Duty. 


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