T-Pain Creates Beats for Streamers to Use on Twitch

by in General | Jun, 17th 2020

It’s official: T-Pain, amidst the DMCA controversy, is the hero we all need. Sweeping in like a smooth-sounding superhero, he has a solution for many streamers disappointed about the DMCA hits. On his Twitch channel, T-Pain discussed DMCA issues and offered a fantastic solution. T-Pain’s been making beats on his Twitch channel and allows anyone who wants to use them.

He’s gone a step further and said he’ll put them in an easy-access file so that the public can use them whenever possible.

T-Pain for the People

Is that not enough? Do you need more T-Pain for your live streams? I mean, I do now! Luckily, he’s aid that music he released over the last couple of years should be fine as well. He owns the rights to that music, so there should be no DMCA hits.

In almost all cases, it’s not the artist who seeks out people to hit with DMCA claims, according to T-Pain.

“It’s never going to be an artist,” he said. “Trust me. You’ll never see an artist do that s**t. It’s the weirdest f*****g thing in the world. We get more hype than you all do when we hear our s**t in y’alls’ streams, easily if it’s a clip when you’re beasting crazy. You don’t think we want to see a mother f****r get a VTOL on one of our songs? If motherf***s are playing ‘Bartender’ or ‘Buy U A Drank’ and you get a nuke on CoD, while my song is playing? F**k yeah. I’m reposting. What are y’all talking about.”

Sorry, we had to censor that! Sure, technically, “Buy U a Drank” will still likely get you a DMCA claim, there is a wealth of amazing T-Pain beats to choose from now. Not everyone uses in-game music when they stream. Lots of streamers, especially for online multiplayer streamers, need something to vibe to when they’re in-game.

When I stream MTG Arena, for example, I tend to look towards something that either keeps me relaxed always to consider the state of the game or something to get my blood pumping like mad to stay hyped when I drop amazing combos.

Just having empty air is awful. So T-Pain going out of his way to let his fans use his beats (and they are sick, I can confirm) is a generous, amazing thing to do. This DMCA claim nonsense has got a lot of streamers down. Even long-time, huge names have been furiously taking down all of their clips, so that they don’t lose years of work and effort.

Thankfully, most of my streamers, on a personal level, use the in-game music. There’s a lesser chance of being hit by a DMCA that way, from what I understand. Now I’d love to blare Freaknik: The Musical tracks while I’m playing a randomizer or SMITE over on The Bottom Tier. Sadly, I don’t think that’s going to be on the list of approved tracks.

But the fact that he sees the problem and went out of his way to provide a solution for a style of entertainment he loves is a class act. So, go follow T-Pain over on Twitch, too. It’s not often someone is out there providing solutions, instead of just raising a ruckus. This is the kind of news we like to see!


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