SypherPK Thinks Fortnite Dragacorn May Be Pay-to-Win

by in Fortnite | Apr, 29th 2020

Fortnite is one game that has had a problem in the past that many other online multiplayers have had to deal with: unfair advantages from the various cosmetic skins and other items that you can get. The possible latest addition to this list of items is none other than the Fortnite Dragacorn.

Fortnite Dragacorn Is a Popular Item

The Fortnite Dragacorn is a glider item that was recently introduced into the game as part of Season 2 in Chapter 2. It is an awesome glider and arguably the most popular one right now in the title. This is not due to the possible unfair advantage at all, though.

Instead, the Dragacorn is so popular with the players around the world on all platforms because of how ridiculously awesome it looks and how it links back up to Deadpool, a character at the forefront of battle royale all season long.

When we got the Deadpool official skin, Epic Games decided not to have things end there. Instead, it added more skin variants that players could unlock like the X-Force and unmasked variants plus some other items that weren’t easily unlocked for free as part of the paid battle pass.

Epic Games added stuff like the X-Men characters, including Cable, that you could buy in the item shop. Plus, there are more cosmetic items that are themed around Deadpool that let you show your love for the Merc with a Mouth in some battle royale matches.

Fortnite Dragacorn Could Be Pay-to-Win

One of these is the Fortnite Dragacorn, a glider that is somehow themed around Deadpool but is really just some crazy mix between the Fortnite llama and, well, a Deadpool dragon. Well, we think? It’s a weird name for an equally weird creature that you ride on for this glider.

However, though it looks unique compared to anything else in the game and has become a trendy item for players to use in battle like the Deadpool skin itself, there are some potential problems with it that players should be aware of.

To make this more known to the community in general, Ali “SypherPK” Hassan made a YouTube video about it on his channel. In the video, the popular content creator and Fortnite player noted that the Fortnite Dragacorn glider could lend itself to pay-to-win.

In the video, he noted that watching a fellow pro player and current world champion of battle royale, Bugha, that he and many other pros in the world are using this glider in matches. This could just be because of the notoriety of the skin, but there is possibly more to it than just that.

Issues With the Glider Item

The odd shape of the Dragacorn that makes it long and thin, plus the overall color and design of it makes it so that the glider can be potentially hard to see when someone is using it in the sky above you. This can, in turn, make it reportedly really hard to aim and shoot at one of these players using it.

Because of this, it can give players a slight advantage in the game if they are using the Fortnite Dragacorn glider when traversing around the battle royale island. It will possibly make it hard for other players in fights to take them down, as they are unable to see them well.

In this way, the Dragacorn glider item could be seen as something that lends itself to the pay-to-win exploit hated in the video game community. Without a doubt, Epic Games was not intending for any schemes like this, so that is something that players don’t have to worry about no matter what.

However, the problem with this skin is that you must pay for it in the first place, leaving some players without being able to use it. If something has an unfair advantage, it is at least mitigated some if everyone in the game can use it in matches.

What Could Happen With the Glider

But that isn’t the case when the item is something that you can only purchase with real money through V-Bucks. You aren’t able to earn this for free through the free or even paid battle pass for Season 2, like with the Deadpool skin, which makes it only available to those who can spare V-Bucks for it.

That gives some players the possible advantage while others will just have to deal with it. Unfortunately, the problem with this glider is that it has an issue that is inherently linked to how it looks. While Epic could edit the glider to make it look different, this is something that would fundamentally change the glider as a whole.

Additionally, it could just remove the glider from the ranked modes like Arena or any future esports tournaments and the like to prevent players from using it. However, the real question comes down to whether or not the Dragacorn is pay-to-win in the first place.

To be honest, we have seen a lot of players using it in matches even though we don’t have it ourselves at this time. Having seen other players use it, we haven’t found that it has given anyone an advantage over us in the slightest. That said, it is mainly because the reported advantage would only be in certain situations anyways.

We Don’t Think It Is a Problem Right Now

It would only be at the start of the match when everyone is dropping from the battle bus or gliding after using something like a launchpad or whatever. The moments where this would happen are so slim that we don’t see it as too much of a problem at this time.

That said, if it does become a concern for the community, we do recommend reaching out to Epic Games and letting it know about this problematic cosmetic item, so something can be done.

The developer has been great about making changes when necessary in the past to skins and the like that were hard to see or had hit boxes that were too hard to hit, compared to everything else. This glider isn’t anything like those, so thankfully, it isn’t as problematic no matter what at this time.

For now, Epic Games has yet to comment on the Deadpool unicorn dragon glider thingy, so be sure to stay tuned for any official statement regarding it and what the developer will do to prevent any possible pay-to-win scenarios for it.


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