SypherPK Has an Idea Why the Fortnite RPG Was Recently Vaulted

by in Fortnite | Oct, 9th 2020

Epic Games is quick to vault weapons for various reasons in Fortnite battle royale. One of the latest ones was the RPG in a specific scenario. The popular Fortnite content creator SypherPK has given his thoughts on why the Fortnite RPG weapon might have been removed.

It Seems the Fortnite RPG Was Vaulted Again

This week, SypherPK posted a new video on YouTube going over the weapon that Epic Games vaulted this season. No one even noticed. That was the Fortnite RPG weapon, one of the most popular explosive weapons since the title’s very launch.

However, that hasn’t stopped Epic from vaulting it and then bringing it back time and time again throughout the game’s life. It seems that another instance of the Fortnite RPG being vaulted happened recently and that very few players in the community realized that it happened.

In the video, SypherPK is seen starting a new match of battle royale and then heading to the lake near Lazy Lake and Misty Meadows. He is going there to take out the Gorger, one of the main NPC enemies that you can fight against in season 4 and has been the subject of previous weekly challenges.

The Gorger will randomly appear somewhere on the map in every battle royale match you do. You can take it out. It is a powerful miniboss enemy that summons fellow drones to fight alongside it. It is similar to the zombies that we had in past Halloween events, which is an interesting point we will get to soon.

Gorger Would Previously Drop the RPG

It is similar because, as long as the Gorger is alive, it will continue to summon more of its Gatherer drone minions to fight alongside it. So, you not only have to juggle taking out the drones but defeating the main Gorger enemy as well. The point that the content creator was trying to make was about after you defeat the Gorger.

When you beat it, it drops a ton of loot for you and your pals to pick up. Usually, this would be a fight that we would recommend a whole group of players attempts together, but SypherPK was pretty quickly able to take it all out by himself.

The video topic came up when he was finally able to take out the Gorger and pick up the loot. The problem, you see, is that you used to be able to find Fortnite RPG weapons after defeating the Gorger, but Epic Games quietly removed them from that loot pool and vaulted them again.

Epic Games gave no mention of doing this recently or why it happened at all. But because of this, the community is no longer able to pick up RPGs anymore. Without any patch notes for updates, changes like this one are entirely unknown to the community.

SypherPK Gives His Reason for the RPG Removal

SypherPK tried to offer a potential explanation for why the Fortnite RPG weapons were removed from the game again. He thinks that the Fortnitemares event or the equivalent of it will be happening soon, which makes sense since we are in October now.

The Halloween event will likely see the Pumpkin Launcher weapon come back into Fortnite. That could be why Epic recently vaulted the RPG again in Fortnite. There wouldn’t be two similar explosives launcher weapons in the game at the same time.

This is a valid reason and one that we wouldn’t be surprised to see, but it does seem odd that Epic Games wouldn’t address the fact that it removed one of the fan-favorite weapons yet again. Even just a simple tweet to let everyone know that this has changed would have been nice.

The developer doesn’t necessarily have to give a reason for the vaulting if it would spoil something coming up soon. Still, it would keep the conversation going with the players, instead of just removing something and then letting everyone find it out on their own.

Other Reasons the RPG Could Have Been Removed

There is even the chance that this was done because we will see the undead mobs come back to Fortnite during the upcoming Halloween event, similar to what the Gorger currently does. They have been a focal point of past events around this time of year, so we wouldn’t be surprised to see this happen again.

But there is another possibility for why the RPGs could have been removed again. It might not have to do with the Pumpkin Launcher weapon. There is the chance that Epic Games didn’t intend for the RPGs even to be loot for the Gorger.

They could have been put as loot for that enemy on accident or there could have been a bug with the RPGs that made Epic remove them temporarily. Since the developer isn’t communicating about this recent vault situation, it is hard to tell what is going on with the weapon.

For now, we will have to wait and see if Epic says anything about it, which isn’t too likely, or if the developer announces a new Halloween event. The latter is a more likely scenario. We expect to hear details about the Fortnitemares plans soon. Stay tuned for details about that new event soon.


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