Sylveon Arrives in Pokemon Unite: Build, How to Play

by in General | Oct, 6th 2021

Sylveon is one of the most popular Eeveelutions and Pokemon in general, for a reason, so the arrival of it in Pokemon Unite is a welcome experience. With the launch of this latest fighter in the MOBA spin-off title, we have everything you need to know, including the Sylveon Pokemon Unite build and more.

Sylveon Arrives in Pokemon Unite

By the time you read this, Sylveon has already been released in Pokemon Unite after fans have been looking forward to it for a long time. All you need to do is unlock the new playable fighter in the game. You will be able to start battling in matches as this latest addition to the roster. 

The Generation VI Pokemon is here as an attacker-type Pokemon, which is interesting given the more supporting and healing abilities that the Fairy-type Pokemon, including it, are known for. However, that is what the developers behind Unite have decided. 

But perhaps more importantly than the fact that Sylveon is in the game now is that its pre-evolution, Eevee, is also now in the game. This completes the Generation I starters if you count the Let’s Go games and has every single of them now in the title as playable characters. 

Eevee evolves into Sylveon at level four in matches, and, like other evolving Pokemon, they have their own set of moves available to them from the start of the match. Sylveon also has two main abilities and a Unite move, with the former having two options each for making up your Sylveon Pokemon Unite build. 

If you want to unlock Sylveon and take it for a test run, you will need to spend your earned in-game currency or purchase this Pokemon using real-world money. It costs a whopping 10,000 coins to purchase this Pokemon using in-game currency, which is tied with others for the most expensive Pokemon around. 

But there is the chance that you could be wasting your money on a Pokemon that you are not sure you will love, so the best thing to do in this particular situation is to check it out first. You do this by selecting Sylveon, going into the details, and then selecting the option you want to practice with it. 

When you do this, the game will take you to a test arena where you can select your one-on-one CPU opponent. You will be taken to an entire Unite arena complete with other NPC Pokemon and the enemy you have chosen for the round. 

This is the best place to try out the various moves and Sylveon Pokemon Unite build options that you could have to see if this Pokemon is best for you. You do not even have to purchase the Pokemon at this point to do this, so it is a great way to figure out if it is worth the purchase or not. 

If you do find that you like Sylveon enough to buy it and unlock it for the game, that is where we come in. We have everything you need to know about this new Fairy-type Pokemon, from the Sylveon Pokemon Unite build that we recommend to the moves it has and much more. 

Sylveon’s Role Explained

To start this Sylveon Pokemon Unite build guide, we have to go over the role that Sylveon plays in this game. Though the Fairy Pokemon would work best, in my opinion, as a supporting Pokemon in the title, that is not the case as it is an attacker in its category. 

This means that it is in the same category as Pokemon like Pikachu, Cinderace, and others that are built for attacking other Pokemon mainly. The attacker side of the game focuses mainly on fighting, but without the versatility usually that the all-rounders have. 

They are built purely for attacking, like the speedster class, but more aggressive and bulkier than the assassins out there. As such, Sylveon is a Pokemon that you should be using nonstop to fight opponents and be in their faces, never relenting from your assaults. 

The Sylveon moveset is even built for this and encourages players to get in there and keep taking on opponents for the entire match, be it the actual ones or just the NPC Pokemon that you can grind. Sylveon is a Pokemon that starts fights but can also end them and should always be right in the middle of the chaos. 

Though Sylveon is a ranged attacker, this does not mean that you should stay back too much as that is more reserved for the other Pokemon out there. It is still pretty squishy, even compared to some other attackers in its class, but this is countered by the fact that it is quite powerful and deadly. 

When using Sylveon, you need to keep in mind that it is for either the upper or bottom lanes on the map. You should be accompanying another Pokemon. The best option will be a melee Pokemon that can distract you as you fight. 

Sylveon can be a jungler, technically, but this is a role that is best reserved for the speedster on the team. If your team does not have a speedster for whatever reason, Sylveon can be a pretty solid replacement jungler as some of its moves are quite good for this type of grind. 

How to Play Sylveon: Abilities, More

When it comes to the Sylveon Pokemon Unite build, you must first know all of your options. When it comes to the moves that Sylveon has, there are a couple of routes that you can go with it, but there is an optimal one, in my opinion. 

Unlike someone like Blastoise where almost all of its moves are pretty useful and worth checking out, Sylveon is a Pokemon that arguably has two or three moves that are must-haves. Even one that I would say is forgettable and completely undesirable as part of any Sylveon Pokemon Unite build. 

When it comes to the abilities that you have, let us start with the first two options. Players will be able to choose from Mystical Fire or Hyper Voice. You can choose either one, but the default option will be Mystical Fire, which I believe is the lesser of the two abilities. 

Unlike the next set of options, though, there is technically no wrong answer here as it will come down to your Sylveon Pokemon Unite build and the playstyle that you have. Mystical Fire will launch you in a certain direction that you choose, which can be solid for hunting down enemies to finish them off or escaping a losing fight. 

At the same time, it will create four flames around Sylveon, which will launch and damage and slow down enemies that are too close to you. It deals some solid damage if you are close enough to a Pokemon to hit them with all four and can be a nice defensive or offensive move. 

The other option is Hyper Voice, my personal preference for my optimal Sylveon Pokemon Unite build. Hyper Voice shoots out a cone of damage that deals more damage the further that an enemy is away from you. It continuously shoots this for several seconds. 

The damage that you can deal if you hit an enemy nonstop is outrageous and can likely spell the end for them if done right. Because of how OP this move is, it is countered that you cannot use other moves or change the direction that Sylveon is facing while using it. 

At the same time, though, the cooldown for this move is zero, so you can almost keep using Hyper Voice over and over. While you could pick both options, especially Mystical Fire, if you want an escape route, Hyper Voice is my go-to for maximizing damage as it is nonstop madness in the right hands. 

From there, we come to the second choice, which is not as hard to make, with Draining Kiss and Calm Mind. Draining Kiss is the default. There is no Sylveon Pokemon Unite build where I would recommend switching from it to Calm Mind. 

Draining Kiss does what you would expect: launching multiple kisses in a row that will deal damage and slow enemies down when it hits them while recovering your HP when it hits you. It is an excellent solution for staying alive in fights, then switching back to Hyper Voice, and so on. 

Calm Mind, on the other hand, is solely a buff ability. Sure, it makes Sylveon immensely powerful for a while and allows it to run faster, but that is only good for finishing off enemies. This is something that Mystical Fire can already do. The other two moves are powerful enough on their own without this buff move, so it is useless in my mind.

Sylveon will jump in the air for the Unite move, be invincible during this time, and then smash into the ground to deal damage in a wide area and recover HP. It is also great for fights where you are outnumbered or against multiple Pokemon as it will keep you alive for longer and potentially take out an opponent or two at once. 

Sylveon Pokemon Unite Build

When it comes to your Sylveon Pokemon Unite build, you have a couple of options available to you. First up is choosing your moveset, which we recommend only being either Mystical Fire and Draining Kiss or Hyper Voice and Draining Kiss. 

If you want a more versatile build that can deal good damage but chase after enemies or escape fights, pick the former. If you want the most possible damage while having some staying power, you would better choose the latter. 

From there, you need to pick the item that you will equip for Sylveon to use in battle. Given the versatility of this Pokemon, you cannot go wrong with any item out there, for the most part. In the end, it will depend on the type of Sylveon Pokemon Unite build you are trying to create. 

However, I do have some recommendations for ones that you should most likely avoid. I think that Potion is pretty useless since it heals Sylveon does a spectacular job of that on its own, while Fluffy Tail, Full Heal, and Goal Getter are just kind of meh for Sylveon. 

In this case, the battle items that I recommend are X Attack, X Speed, Eject Button, and Slow Smoke. X Speed is another one that I teeter on rejecting, just because Eject Button is an overall better item. In that case, it comes down to: do you want to have the best attack possible, can move around easily, or slow down enemies for the final kill?

Those are the options you have for your Sylveon Pokemon Unite build, and I go for Eject Button in my matches. This is because I do not use Mystical Fire, so Eject Button can occasionally take its place. If you have Mystical Fire, though, either X Attack or Slow Smoke will be your best options.  

Who You Should Team Up With

Last but not least, it is important that if you are playing with friends, to pick the right Pokemon to battle alongside one another. When it comes to Sylveon, it works best with a melee character as its partner, so either a melee defender, all-rounder, or another attacker. 

A defender or all-rounder is optimal since Sylveon is sometimes a bit squishy, but a fellow melee attacker might work. However, most of these fellow attackers are also ranged. You want someone who is melee so  They can take the brunt of the attention and attacks, while Sylveon deals insane damage from behind. 

The other alternative is a bulkier supporter class like a Blissey who can keep you in the game while fighting endlessly. It comes down to the makeup of your team as I always recommend that every team have a defender or supporter, and then at least one of each of the other three classes. 

You can have more than one attacker from there, so it should be no problem in just about every match you are in to play as Sylveon. But, as mentioned, it is best to pair this Pokemon with a melee character since having two ranged together would likely cause the squishier side of Sylveon to stand out more. 


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