Switch Pro No Longer in the Cards, Nintendo Working on Next-Gen Update With DLSS-Powered 4K

by in Technology | Oct, 15th 2021

The oft-rumored Nintendo Switch Pro might be canceled, according to insider NateDrake. Instead, according to his sources, Nintendo’s focus has shifted completely to a next-gen iteration of its wildly successful Switch, one that will supposedly feature DLSS upscaling.

We don’t care what the console is called — we want a more powerful hybrid console from Nintendo, so things are, in a way, going “according to plan.” Moreover, while you should always take rumors like this one with a metric ton of salt, it is in line with numerous reports from Bloomberg and other credible sources. This means that assuming this insider is correct. The forthcoming Switch won’t be a small iteration but rather a full-fledged “reimagining” — one that would better compete with the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S|X in terms of horsepower. 

It won’t be quite as powerful, but through the magic of DLSS (and potentially some other form of upscaling as well), players will end up with a fairly similar experience graphics- and resolution-wise. 

Nintendo Switch 4K — Rumors Galore!

Many folks are talking about Nintendo’s upcoming console. While nothing is set in stone just yet, the bigger picture is starting to appear.

“Since the Bloomberg article came out, I’ve reached out to numerous contacts of my own to try to make sense of the information. I will no longer be referring to this as a “Switch Pro.” Based on the conversations I have had, it is clear this is new Nintendo Switch hardware, but it’s not clear to me how it’s going to be positioned. I don’t know if it’s going to be positioned as a Switch 2 or a revision, but moving forward, I’m simply going to refer to it as the Switch 4K. Because it does have 4K capability, and that is going to be achieved with DLSS. Those facts are solid, there is substantial evidence backing that information, and there’s no reason to anticipate that that is going to change any time soon,” as per NateDrake. 

All in all, there’s still a whole lot that we don’t know about this mysterious successor to the Nintendo Switch, other than the Nintendo Switch Pro, but the fact that it’ll harness the power of DLSS and render at 4K has us excited beyond measure! We’re still a ways off from its release, though, so you might as well splurge for the regular old model or go for the newly released OLED variant instead, in case you have a slightly bigger budget. 


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