Surprising IEM Beijing Matches, IEM Rule Change, More – CSGO Recap 11/08/2019

by in CS:GO | Nov, 8th 2019

Welcome back to another exciting day of CSGO news! Today we’ve got a look at Cloud9’s decision to back out of DreamHack Atlanta, a recap of IEM Beijing so far, and rules changes for the IEM circuit.

As always, we’ve got a lot to cover today, so let’s dive on in.

Cloud9 Backs Out of DreamHack

Following a week of rumors and questions surrounding the future of their roster, Cloud9 appears to be taking some time to get its house in order as the team is officially withdrawing from participation at DreamHack Atlanta.

The news, announced on DreamHack’s Twitter, comes as just days after it was reported that Gen.G was looking into possibly picking up Daps and Autimatic for their new CSGO roster.

No word from either org has come in verifying or denying the statements, but the team’s withdrawal does add fuel to the rumor fire.

The team is being replaced by minor team Bens Anime Team, a roster starring Steel, Ben1337, and several other players currently without contracts.

IEM Beijing Matches Raise Questions

Speaking of tournaments, IEM Beijing got underway in China yesterday and boy have there been some surprising matches so far.

This tournament is 100 Thieves’ first since rejoining the scene after picking up Renegades’ roster last week, and already the team is off to a fantastic start going 2-1 in Group A and making the playoffs.

Not every team has been looking great, though, as can be seen in Swedish team ENCE.

ENCE, who took second at the Katowice Major earlier this year, has been struggling since letting go of Aleksib for SunNy earlier this year. The fact that their only win among their IEM Beijing matches comes from a close victory over Chinese squad Vici Gaming does not inspire much confidence in this roster’s future success.

EG also stumbled at the tournament themselves, this time again to FaZe Clan, who took them down in both their opening and decider match from Group B with a combined map score of 4-1.

The team’s been bouncing from one tournament to the next over the last month, so slip-ups here and there aren’t unexpected, though now the question on everyone’s mind is whether or not they really are still the number one team in the world.

IEM Rule Change

Elsewhere at IEM, the Intel-run tournament organizer has decided to back-track on recent controversial rule changes after a highly negative response from both the community at pros.

The rules made it illegal for players to purposefully kill themselves in a match, whether by jumping off the map or blowing themselves up with grenades, a common tactic for players trying to deny extra gold and guns going to the other team.

Many were unhappy with the new rules and argued that properly denying your opponents income or rifles/grenades is a legitimate strategy when a round is going wrong, and players protested at the tournament by jumping off the Vertigo map before the start of the match, leading to IEM to reverse their rules this morning.

That’s all we have for today, thanks for reading. We’ll be back next week to bring you more exciting CSGO news, so stay tuned!


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