Super Smash Bros Ultimate Patch 8.0.0 Breakdown

by in Fighting Game News | Jun, 30th 2020

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Patch 8.0.0 is finally here, and with it comes the arrival of Min-Min from ARMS, the first fighter in Fighter Pass Vol 2. But, and perhaps just as important comes a significant balance patch to the game.

This patch seems to have focused on buffing some of the weaker characters on the roster so they can compete with the upper tiers of the game. Incineraor, Falco, Ike, and many others received huge changes.

The Biggest Changes in New Smash Ultimate Patch

In particular, three characters got huge changes in patch 8.0.0 that should move them pretty far up the Super Smash Bros Ultimate tier list.

Spacies in Smash Ultimate like Falco and Fox have never quite had the same level of excellence achieved in Super Smash Bros Melee. However, it seems that Nintendo has heard the pleas of fans around the world and is at least giving our blue feathered friend some help. Instead of many of his combo movies like forward air and down tilt not connecting, it appears that these moves will work in tandem and can easily lead to a 0-60% combo. The down tilt itself has been buffed too and apparently will kill mid to lightweight characters on its own around 135%.

Incineroar also got his wrestling kit buffed, with several of his moves now causing significant damage, knockback, and launch distance. This will make it so when he does get in at a high percentage. He’s got a huge chance to take stock and make it so all the work players have to do just to outzone and outposition other, faster characters is properly rewarded.

Lastly, Mewtwo got his Shadow Ball massively powered up. Given how hard it is to hit the move in a game with seemingly limitless options to avoid projectiles, this can only be a good thing. The only thing Mewtwo now has to worry about is characters like Fox, Palutena, Joker, and others with reflectors. That powered up Shadow Ball can now be used even harder against him.

Also, Diddy Kong’s Infinite with his Banana Peel has finally been removed! Rejoice, no longer will you get hit hard with banana peels ad infineum and then killed off when Diddy decides you’ve had enough.

How Is Min-Min Though?

Many players have expressed the opinion that while Min-Min will be upper-mid tier, she is a little boring to play and watch. This is because her playstyle, while versatile, also covers almost every option. This means that most characters are outranged and gimped out before they have a chance to fight, and makes a lot of fights with Min-Min (and even using her) a little predictable. Expect to see her do well at events and if someone skilled gets good with her, take home trophies – assuming COVID-19 ever lets us get back to normalcy. You will surely see a lot of her in Elite Smash battles.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Patch Notes

While the above details some of the largest changes in Super Smash Bros Ultimate patch 8.0.0, you can find the rest of the changes in the patch here.

The latest Super Smash Bros Ultimate patch will download automatically the next time you try to start the game.


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