Super Mario Party Just Got Proper Online Play, 2 Years Too Late

by in General | Apr, 27th 2021

It’s pretty common for games to get free updates as they age, with games like Left 4 Dead 2 getting a community update which had a new community campaign for players to try out. Nintendo fans were in for a surprise today when it was announced that a free update to Super Mario Party would include full Online play for all the modes in the game, including the classic Mario party, and free play minigame modes.

The Announcement

A Twitter user known for gaming news and updates, @Nibellion, tweeted out at 3:27 AM EST “Looks like Nintendo releases a new Super Mario Party update today that allows you to play the main mode, 70 minigames and the 2-on-2 mode online

Mario Party’s Community Never Went Anywhere

Fans who still owned copies of Super Mario Party seemed to be confused, but excited that the game finally added the one feature they were clamoring for since the game launched. 

Twitter user @McTroid posted a meme of the game, with the caption “Super Mario Party really just got a big ass update after 2 years of radio silence huh Instant classic Nintendo moment

Twitter user @supertoastymutt posted this in response to the update “nintendo updating super mario party’s online mode a full 2 and a half years after its release is hilarious

With the reveal of the online mode for Super Mario Party, fans also believe that since Nintendo is willing to try to revitalize a 2-year-old game instead of making a new one, this gives other years-old titles in the catalogue a chance to get more updates and content, rather than expecting a new title altogether. 

Twitter user and Nintendo Youtuber Nathaniel Bandy (@NathanielBandy1) had this to say about the update: “Mario Kart 8 un-ironically has a chance to get more DLC now lol

Whether or not Nintendo is opting to support older titles in their library is up for debate. However, anyone who owns a copy of Super Mario Party is now going to be able to play the game with their friends over an online connection. Granted, their friends also must own a copy of the game as well.


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