Super League Gaming Reveals Super League Arena

by in General | Dec, 4th 2020

What’s better than earning money when competing in esports? How about also getting money for your education? Super League Gaming is here to help with the newly-revealed Super League Arena. This new monthly esports series will seek to celebrate a healthy spirit of competition while also growing esports worldwide. Admittedly when we saw the announcement, we were worried this was going to be a physical arena. This would be the actual worst time for something like that.

The Super League Arena will feature a monthly prize of $10,000, financial support for education, and other prizes. You can also expect big-name streamers and influencers to join in. The best part is that this can all be done from home.

Super League Arena

Each month, $10,000 is on the line, and a different game is selected. Now that is interesting. It won’t just be Fortnite, Call of Duty Warzone, or Street Fighter V every single month. We hope they’ll also pick some more obscure games, so people that might usually not have a shot at fame and money can also get their name out there. 

The Super League Gaming Arena should shine a spotlight on esports scenes that have made a successful run across 2020, as well as potential scenes in 2021. Unfortunately, we’re a bit sparse on useful information. We know that the first tournament will stream on Twitch in January. But as far as the game, how to register, and other valuable facts, we don’t have those quite yet. We do know that Fortnite, CSGO, Apex Legends, Rocket League, and Madden are all confirmed for the future.

“Super League stands for something special within esports – a platform where players can be celebrated as competitors, even if they have not made it to the varsity or pro level…yet,” said Matt Edelman, chief commercial officer of Super League Gaming. “The Super League Arena tournament series will highlight this unique aspect of Super League’s DNA, which has been challenging for tournament organizers to showcase in a COVID world. We’re excited to launch this program, both for our existing community of more than 2.5mm registered players and for the tens of millions who continue to pursue their personal esports path.”

Among the Super League Arena events hosted by Super League Gaming will be the third annual Galentine’s Games. It will feature League of Legends in February and is an all-female tournament. It will also feature an all-female production and on-camera crew. This is amazing, as female representation in esports is desperately needed, not just from players. 

All of these Super League Arena events will be streamed on the SuperLeagueTV channel and will use the company’s remote, proprietary production system to keep everyone safe and secure. To keep up with information on the Super League, you can also join their Discord. Esports needs to be a safe place where anyone can grow and make a name for themselves. Super League Gaming is well known for a positive environment, so we’re glad to see this monthly series come up. All we can do is speculate on what will come from this series of tournaments, but we’re looking forward to it either way.


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