suNny ENCE Rumors, Erkast Walks Away, More – CS:GO Daily Recap 8/16/2019

by in CS:GO | Aug, 16th 2019

Welcome back to another exciting day of CS:GO news! Today we’ve got a look at the new confirmed and rumored roster moves for MIBR, changes over at BIG and NoChance, and a farewell to Erkast.

As we already covered KNgV’s move to MIBR yesterday, it’s going to be a little shorter of a day today. That being said, let’s dive on in.

A Tale of Mice and ENCE

Our first stop today is over to Finland, where a Snapchat story may have revealed some behind the scenes roster moves over at ENCE.

In a story on his Snap, Allu is seen hanging out with Mousesports’ SuNny, who is indicated to have been practicing with ENCE in place of Aleksib.

The move has sparked a lot of debate amongst the ENCE fanbase, as the general target of scorn for the team’s recent performance is usually Xseven and Aerial. Subbing out Aleksi, who has been playing rather well, seems like an odd move, but may indicate that he’s received some good offers from other teams.

The move is especially weird as the team had originally promised that they wouldn’t be making any changes to the roster after the rumors of SuNny joining ENCE began to surface.

That was a few months back, however, and ENCE’s recent failings at the ESL ONE Cologne and the disappointing final performance against Liquid at IEM Chicago.

A BIG (No)Chance

Elsewhere in the scene, we got word yesterday that Tow b will officially join BIG as their new head coach after completing his current obligations with Sprout.

We also got an announcement by fellow European squad NoChance this morning that they’d parted ways with their manager SamE effective immediately.

In a rather message that dripped with venom, the team commented that they wished SamE the best in his future endeavours and that the squad was currently without a manager.

The team did follow up the post several hours later hyping up big news in September, so we’ll have to wait until then to see what the squad has planned.

We’ll be continuing to follow the situation and keep you all updated as more information about SamE’s removal comes to light.

A Farewell to Erkast

Our last stop of the day takes us down under to Australia, where Grayhound’s Erkast announced that the Berlin Major will be his last tournament with the team.

Citing issues extending his student visa now that he’s no longer studying, the Mongolian IGL thanked his team and their owners, promising to make his last tournament with the team “memorable.”

While the move is rather disheartening for a region that’s struggled with visa issues lately, rumors have circulated already that Erkast has already found a new squad, possibly the rumored Mongolian superteam that is said to be forming.

That’s all we have for today, thanks for reading. We’ll be back next week with more CS:GO news, so stay tuned!


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