Summoners War Announces Esports Events for 2021

by in General | Jun, 16th 2021

Summoners War’s esports scene on mobile is intense, and it’s time to get ready for some online events in 2021! This year is the seventh year of Summoners War being online and presently has over 100 million players around the world and a dedicated esports scene. This year’s Summoners War World Arena Championship 2021 and Summoners War: Lost Centuria World Showdown both are open for participants. What can we expect though? We can promise exciting mobile esports action at least!

Summoners War Esports is Heating Up

Previous high-stakes Summoners War World Championships have been held in Seoul, Paris, and online in the past. This year, the event will be held online for the safety of all, and hopefully, we can return to traveling in 2022. To help make the gameplay environment as fair as possible, Com2US is going to put a Best-of-Five rule into place for the regional cup qualifier matches, and all of the Regional Cups/World Finals. Here’s what Summoners War players can look forward to in terms of esports in 2021!

The total Prize Pool is 210,000 dollars USD. You can find further details on the esports scene here. The Preliminary matches will be BO5 for the regional cup qualifier decision matches, and all other matches will be BO3. But how are players selected? Records of the World Arena seasons 16 and 17 count towards selecting the preliminary players, and it will be based on individual scores for each season, not the combined scores. The latest results will be considered first for the seed. The preliminary matches will be sorted in the following way:

  • Summoners who wish to participate in SWC2021 but didn’t play in the World Arena Season 16 will need to play in the current Season 17.
  • SWC2021 will be held without seed advantages for players who played in last year’s SCW2020.

Applications are already open (June 16) and will be open until June 28th.

Here are the important dates:

  • Applications: June 16 – June 28th
  • Preliminaries: July 23 – August 21
  • Regionals:
    • Americas Cup: September 12, 11 AM PT
    • Asia-Pacific Cup: October 1, 10 PM PT
    • Europe Cup: October 23, 5 AM PT
  • World Finals: TBA

Kyu Lee, President at GAMEVIL COM2US USA spoke about the opening of Summoners War Esports:

“We are thrilled to invite Summoners from around the world to compete on a global scale in these two totally unique games. At Com2uS, we’re dedicated to expanding opportunities for ‘Summoners War’ players within esports, and we’re beyond excited to bring ‘Lost Centuria’ into the fold. It’s a game created around fast-paced PvP battles, and we can’t wait to see the top players emerge at the Lost Centuria World Showdown and continue our esports tradition with ‘Sky Arena’ at this year’s Summoners War World Arena Championship.”

Lost Centuria World Showdown

There is also the newer Lost Centuria World Showdown coming! This is the first Summoners War: Lost Centuriaevent with cash prizes on the line. Com2US is aiming to grow the RTS games’ esports scene and enjoy it as a festival. There is a prize pool of 20,000 USD, and it’s much easier to get into! Any player who has a Gold 5 or higher account can participate, and the Top 8 will be selected as finalists based on the results of the World Tournament. This is held from June 24th through July 1st.

Here are the important dates:

  • Applications: June 13 – 30
  • Event: August 7

More info can be found here. Hopefully Lost Centuria’s scene blows up the same way that Summoners War did. As someone who has been live to watch America’s Cup in 2018, it’s certainly a fun esport to watch with a crowd. Each player has a team of powerful heroes to battle against another player. It should be a good year for Summoners War esports here in 2021!


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