Summit1g Shuts Down Rumors of Him Quitting Twitch

by in Entertainment | Nov, 20th 2020

Jaryd ‘summit1g’ is one of the biggest names on Twitch without a doubt. He has over five million followers and an audience that doesn’t miss a single stream. So when a clip started making the rounds saying summit1g was quitting Twitch to make a video game, that obviously had people riled up. But don’t you worry, it wasn’t exactly taken in the proper context. Summit1g’s not going anywhere. Why would he give up that kind of following and income?

Context is Key

As a former CSGO pro, Summit1g again has an absolutely massive following. He no doubt makes a very comfortable living on Twitch, so why would he stop? The clip, without any context says he (summit1g) is quitting Twitch to make a video game. Honestly? A shooter or something from someone with his level of experience would be ground-breaking.

In the video, Summit1g said the following:

“I have decided that I am going to end my contract with Twitch and take on the next chapter of my life, which is making a video game. So, I’m out.”

Summit1g looks very serious about quitting Twitch in the clip. Clips are very short though, so you miss the greater context. After the clip, Summit1g starts laughing about it. Ending his streaming career would just make zero sense. On Twitter, a response was penned to people taking this as anything other than a goof:

He would have to catch some kind of permanent ban, in which case, he could go anywhere else. Admittedly, Summit1g was in danger of this, thanks to the DMCA issues, but nothing has happened yet. This Twitch clip gained an insane amount of traction in virtually no time. But remember, Summit1g signed a new contract back in May 2020. That just feels like a hundred years ago, thanks to COVID-19. But a little context goes a long way. Would we love a Summit1g game? Absolutely. But do we want him to leave Twitch behind? Not at all.


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