Summit1g Says Constant Swatting Is Endangering His Family

by in Entertainment | May, 24th 2021

Swatting is a dangerous, terrible thing to do to people and perhaps nobody is harassed more than Summit1G. Jaryd “Summit1g” Lazar claims to be the most-swatted person on Twitch, and it’s really starting to take a toll on his family. Anyone who blames it on Summit1G is entirely missing the point of the problem. Swatting is a serious crime, and it’s starting to put the man’s family at greater risk, and somehow, a great stance hasn’t been taken against swatting on Twitch. No matter who it is or why, swatting is definitely not okay.

Hyperbole or Not, Swatting is Terrible:

There’s no telling if Summit1g does suffer more swatting than any other streamer. For those who may not be familiar, Swatting is the act of calling someone’s home with a serious threat. Usually domestic abuse, guns, drugs, or a bomb threat, it’s always something that would require a SWAT Team to make an appearance. People have lost their lives in Swatting incidents, but so far Summit1g’s been lucky. We’ve covered swatting incidents that have gone even worse, such as where an innocent person was killed, thanks to Casey Viner’s swat call.

FaZe Clan’s Nate Hill recently suffered a swat attack as well. Summt1g took to Twitter recently to say the following on Swatting:

“You know I’m the most swatted streamer who never tells when it happens. Can’t tell you how many lives that have been at risk and it’s never my own. Actually f**kin lame. Gotta move my Dad who just got in there, wasting my adult time for your childish actions. Grow up idiots. I’m honestly super fortunate that the police in CO have handled it like pros every single time.”

Sadly, a swatting is not something that can be ignored. Even if the police are sure it’s fake, as it happens to the same address multiple times, they have to at least check it out. Summit1g also points out that in order to get people to stop doing it to you (in theory at least), you have to address it on stream/have it happen on stream. Otherwise, those people tend to keep doing it to you. The goal is to humiliate and harass people, so if they don’t get satisfaction from it, it will likely keep happening.

As someone who lives in Colorado, a false report can come with a 6-month jail sentence, but the hard part seems to be actually catching and punishing the people who do it. The worst part about this is that it’s repeatedly put the streamer’s family in danger, all over swatting attempts. We’re glad to hear the local police deal with it in a professional manner and haven’t been forced to repeatedly kick his door in. We’ve seen other streamers be just as lucky when they are repeat victims of this kind of attack. All we can hope is that the authorities and Twitch can work together to hopefully find a way to stop these swatting attacks. People shouldn’t have to live in secret just to avoid being harassed by angry people on the internet.


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