Summit1g In Danger of a Permanent Twitch Ban Thanks to DMCA

by in Entertainment | Nov, 9th 2020

The DMCA battle has not ended on Twitch, and it’s left streamers terrified, regardless of their status. In particular, Jaryd ‘summit1g’ Lazar is dangerously close to a permanent Twitch ban. How close? He’s got 3 copyright bans from the DMCA but somehow has not been banned yet. Perhaps his notification that he’s deleting the copyrighted clips has saved him, but he’s far too close to catching the ban hammer. So many streamers have resorted to deleting tons of clips, videos, and streams to avoid being permanently banned.

“It’s Getting Kinda Serious” – Summit1g

Nobody is safe, it seems. When this started going down, some of us assumed it would only be smaller streams that would be targeted. This is because some of the biggest streamers make Twitch Scrooge McDuckian amounts of money. That said, nobody is really going to be safe from the DMCA ban. Summit1g has been active on Twitch since 2012, but he’s still walking the line of a permanent Twitch ban. We obviously don’t want him to be banned.

Here’s what he had to say about the situation when a viewer asked about it:

“It’s getting kinda serious, I gotta be honest. I’ve been DMCA’d three times now. And I had to send off emails saying like ‘Yo, I started this deletion process, I need these reverted.’ I’m assuming that something went down because I’m not banned and I’m on a three-strike banger.”

These DMCA copyright strikes tend to be from music played in the background of streams. It sounds like the DMCA feels the streamers are making money off of the music without a license to do so. Personally, this writer doesn’t think this feels altogether fair. People don’t go to streams to listen to the background music – unless it’s a streamer that is a musician actually playing music. Even musicians playing their own work have caught bans – just ask Hermann Li of Dragonforce.

One of Summit1g’s viewers suggested he wouldn’t get a permanent Twitch ban due to how popular he is, Lazar didn’t seem to be convinced. After all, Twitch would have to choose between being sued by the music industry as a whole or dropping the streamer being accused of playing copyrighted music/sounds. That’s a no brainer.

Sure, Twitch would lose money on whatever they paid out to the streamer if they were contracted. But that loss would be more tolerable than whatever they would lose in court, win or lose. If summit1g winds up getting banned permanently from Twitch, he said it would be a “curve ball”, and doesn’t know what he’d do next. Of course, he could just shift over to Youtube streaming. It’s just really disappointing to see so many streamers terrified over something that was not being done maliciously.

We just hope that this is cleared up soon, and summit1g is going to be safe to stream on Twitch. For now, it’s important that streamers go back through VODs and clips, and avoid any copyrighted music, just to be safe.


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