Street Fighter V EVO 2019 Results: Bonchan Continues His Winning Streak

by in Fighting Game News | Aug, 6th 2019

The fan favorite fighting game community event EVO 2019 happened this past weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada. This is the event of the summer for the community as it is the culmination of the fighting esports scene where all the biggest games host massive tournaments with thousands of participants.

Street Fighter V EVO 2019 Details

The second largest game at the event this year was none other than Street Fighter V. The Street Fighter V EVO 2019 tournament was one to remember for fans and players of the game. It’s honestly surprising that the game is still the second most popular game at the event, considering it is also one of the oldest games offered.

Despite this, it was able to beat out newcomers like Mortal Kombat 11 and Samurai Shodown in terms of popularity. The only game that was bigger than it, understandably, was Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, which saw nearly double the number of competitors as Street Fighter V.

The Street Fighter V EVO 2019 tournament had a grand total of just over 1900 competitors who were vying for the chance to win it all. That is a massive number of players compared to most tournaments where you are lucky to see in the few hundreds range. This is part of what makes EVO 2019 so important to the community.

From around the world, the 1929 players gathered to find out who would be the very best. The competition was divided up into three days of fighting as players were separated into a ton of pools. The competition was divided up further on day two in a smaller number of pools but still quite a bit of players.

Street Fighter V EVO 2019 Grand Finals Results

From there, the top players duked it out to see who would end up in the Street Fighter V EVO 2019 grand finals match. The two competitors who would end up in the grand finals were fan favorites Bonchan and Big Bird. These two competitors were no surprise in the grand finals, but the match was entertaining, nonetheless.

Bonchan won the winners bracket, having the advantage going into the grand finals as he only had to win one match instead of two like in the case of Big Bird. On the other hand, Big Bird won the losers bracket, which meant being at a disadvantage and needing to win two matches in a row.

However, Bonchan would come out on top with Karin against Big Bird’s Rashid in the first match where Bonchan won three rounds to two. It was a very close and entertaining match but, in the end, Bonchan’s advantage was just too much and the player came out with the championship trophy.

This continues Bonchan’s winning streak from this year. After being a player who was not well-known within the community, he has risen to the top this year with this being his third major tournament this year. His previous win was at CEO 2019 in Orlando earlier this summer.

The Street Fighter V EVO 2019 championship is Bonchan’s first time winning at EVO ever. He is one pro player that should be on everyone’s watchlist as he continues his streak of wins at major events this year.


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