Streaming Site Brime Claims No Involvement With Dr Disrespect

by in General | Jun, 29th 2020

Okay, that might be a bit of a misnomer. This gets the biggest air quotes I’ve ever used, but the “streaming site” known as Brime claims to have nothing to do with Dr Disrespect’s recent Twitch ban. Why the air quotes? They aren’t even a website yet! Brime is “four guys on Twitter” who like the idea of making a streaming service. They reportedly wanted to grow organically. Instead, they have been wrapped up in this drama, and their name is everywhere.

If you’re tired of hearing about Dr Disrespect’s ban, we don’t blame you! But until there are definitive answers, it’s going to be on everyone’s lips. Twitch isn’t giving any answers other than some non-answer about “Terms of Service.” But unfortunately, Brime is wrapped up in this by not being involved.

The internet is weird. But the person behind Brime appears to be someone on Twitter named MajorRespect, so it’s layers upon layers.

What Is Brime?

There’s a big conspiracy theory going right now, perpetrated by a whole host of people. Internet trolls primarily spout the word on the street because Dr Disrespect, Shroud, and Ninja are going to be creating their own streaming service.

How does this get Brime involved? Their Twitter handle came out of nowhere, and Brime wants to be a new streaming service. So that’s enough for people to think three of the biggest free agents in streaming are behind it all. Why would they want to start their own company, when they can make millions doing what they were already doing?

Guaranteed millions versus tackling Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook? We’ll let you decide. Most rational people think Shroud and Ninja will wind up back on Twitch, where they’ll undoubtedly make millions more than they already have. Nothing has been announced, so we’ll have to see.

Keemstar has also shared all of this conspiracy theory nonsense to his 2.8 million followers, where he cites so-called “evidence.” Just like that, Brime has 70,000 followers, despite having nothing but the thought of wanting to create a streaming service.

The short answer to “What is Brime?” is “Brime is a dream.” Could they create a titanic new streaming service somehow? Of course, if they had millions, if not billions of dollars. Ninja didn’t make Mixer a big-time player by joining them. There’s far more to “creating a competitive streaming service” than big names.

They’d have to give the people something they want, and not screw them around.

Brime’s Q&A Session and How It Relates

Brime isn’t some huge corporate-backed Spotify streaming service that stole the biggest streamers in the world. It’s not some massive conspiracy to take down Dr Disrespect. These aren’t people with a ton of technical knowledge that we’re aware of, not to mention financials.

The Brime Streaming dream appears to be just that – a dream. One that frankly, we support, but you don’t just go against the king without a plan. You can’t just be like The Mighty Mighty Bosstones once said, and have “a dollar and a dream.”

It’s not easy to start such a massive undertaking. It will take more than cash and “big streamers.” Just look at the downfall of Mixer. So here are some highlights from the Brime Q&A on Twitter.

Q: Who Is Joining Brime?
A: “While we want to share this, we cant. We have talked to streamers of other platforms that show interest and maybe moving into the platform on their own terms/when agreements are made.”

Q: What Is Brime?
A: “It’s a codename based on the history of 2 names that were once a streaming site.”

Q: Will you grant affiliates the same chances to earn emote slots as partners?
A: Yes!

Q: Do you have the proper framework and RMTP?
A: “We are working with some great web developments that already exist on this using many services, including Webrtc. It’s a bit broad and complex.”

So far, they’re just four guys with some very big dreams, it sounds like. That’s not to say it’s impossible. But everyone that has stepped up has been struck down. More and more people are disenfranchised with Twitch, but let’s look at the average viewer. They won’t switch because of fascinating things. Like emotes. If you can’t spam POGCHAMP in chat, they aren’t going to be there.

Is it as simple as that? No, but I have a feeling it’s very similar. Just trawling through posts on the internet, there have been a whole host of people that said they wouldn’t be leaving Twitch without their emotes.

Despite claiming they want to “grow organically,” they’re riding this Dr Disrespect ban wave pretty hard it seems. While we still have no idea what’s going on with either party, Brime has refuted claims that they had anything to do with Dr Disrespect’s ban.

The rumors began on 4chan, which we all know to be a “bastion of goodwill and seriousness.” Dr Disrespect claimed to have some big news, which we have yet to see. Did Brime claim any involvement with Dr Disrespect? They have not. Brime has not outright said anything about Dr Disrespect that we’ve seen. The general consensus appears to be there is no involvement whatsoever.

But you know what they say: There’s no such thing as bad PR. I don’t necessarily agree, but that’s what they say! Where do you stand on the debacle? Are you Pro Dr Disrespect? Do you think that Brime could be the next wave to ride? Is it all a crock? Be sure to let us know here or on social media!


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