Streamers to Design Overwatch Experimental Mode for 2021

by in Overwatch | Feb, 16th 2021

Overwatch doesn’t have the same popularity that it used to. There is so much competition on the shooter front that you have to innovate these days. This upcoming Experimental mode for Overwatch in 2021 could be just the thing. The goal is to have popular streamers. Overwatch pros add their balance changes to the game. Will those players try to make their favorites overpowered, or will it be for the overall benefit of the game at large? This panel of experts will make some significant decisions for the Experimental mode, and we’re very curious about what awaits.

A Shot in the Arm

On top of that, there’s a tournament coming up in March that will use this Experimental card ruling. We’ve seen some neat things in Experimental mode in the past and have also seen potential game changes. But this? This breaks that mold wide open.

“Just to clarify the question I’ve seen a bunch here already – we’re going to deputize a few pros and streamers to decide what balance changes they want to make on an Experimental card and run this tournament on those settings,” said Jon Spector, vice president of Overwatch’s esports, on Reddit.

Could these changes go to the main servers? Eh, we’re not holding our breath on that one. It sounds like this “Expert Panel” has an incredible amount of sway in what goes onto the Experimental Mode for Overwatch in 2021. If these players are given unlimited license to shape the game however they want, it could be bonkers. 

This is a chance to help make Overwatch more enjoyable. If the balance changes are solid, important things that make the game better, and not “Make Torb fly lol” or “Genji has triple damage,” we could see a big shift in Overwatch’s popularity. People would probably still flock to that kind of mode anyway, but we want to see that the pros and streamers understand what the game needs more than the developers do. This wouldn’t be such a surprise. 

If they go all in and make memey nonsense, it could still be a positive for Overwatch overall. That way, it’s just a ridiculous and fun mode but still intense to watch as a tournament mode. We’re also curious if more tournaments will be made that utilize the Experimental card or if non-OWL events could use it. If players could set up Experimental mode rulesets for private games, imagine what kind of fun stream-based tournaments we could see. Balancing the game around the pros isn’t entirely unheard of. This is a game that could, without a doubt, use more updates and balance changes. We’d love to know more about this Experimental mode for Overwatch in 2021. Will they meet more than once, or is this a one-off? There are so many things to learn here!


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