Streamer Personalities Weigh in on Mixer Shutting Down

by in Entertainment | Jun, 23rd 2020

If your first thought in regards to Mixer shutting down is “Hey at least Ninja and Shroud got that bag” instead of feeling empathy for the employees fired, I feel for you. That’s not even to mention the streamers who lost years of work and community building. It feels like Mixer threw a bunch of money at some big names and decided not to do anything else. With Mixer’s shut down, Dr Disrespect, Ninja and others have weighed in on the issue.

It’s easy to look back with our Hindsight Glasses on and look at what went wrong. It felt like Mixer’s higher-ups didn’t know what to do to stay competitive, or did not care. You can’t just put big names on the platform and expect results. It takes way more work. On a personal note, I tried to take my livestream to Mixer, but it just didn’t work out. My community didn’t want to leave Twitch behind. I looked at it as simply changing the channel, metaphorically speaking. But too many people didn’t agree, so we made a U-turn and went back to Twitch.

So, what have these bigger streamers said/done in regards to this?

It’s Not a Laughing Matter

Some people have been celebrating the downfall of Mixer, but I have no idea why. Competition is good for business and lots of people lost their jobs/livelihood. In particular, I was shocked to see Dr Disrespect’s response to the news. Maybe I’m surprised because he tends to be pretty over-the-top and aggressive.

When a fan donated and stated they were laughing their ass off about it, Dr Disrespect had this to say: “I mean, there’s probably a lot of people that are laid off,” Dr Disrespect said. “There’s jobs involved, so that’s definitely not something to laugh about. Something just wasn’t clicking with Mixer and Microsoft and attracting talent and top talent without paying them straight up.”

Dr Disrespect was openly critical of Mixer’s moves to just “hire big names.” You have to do way more. He went on to say this when a viewer said he should follow Shroud: “So you step into my face and say, ‘Yeah, they’re making big moves.’ No, they’re not. I have double the amount of viewers Ninja has right now and I’m still in my intro,” Dr Disrespect said. “Reality check: those moves, they’re not doing anything for the platform. You can’t pay for a community, you can’t buy viewership.”

We’re clearly in Bizzaro World because I agree with the Two-Time. Mixer could have and should have done so much more. It’s something we’ve said here at Esports Talk forever. Unfortunately, that’s not how things went down.

Streamers Helping Streamers

What a day this is. Speaking of streamers I don’t care for/agree with, here’s Ninja doing some good. Sure, it’s reported Ninja’s leaving Mixer with $30 million and is planning his next move. There’s no telling where he’ll hang his hat next, but the smart money is on Twitch.

Ninja and his wife Jessica donated money to a variety of Mixer partners, such as VinnyB ($500, then another $1,000). Jessica, on the other hand, donated $200 to s0apys. I’m sure they donated to other streamers, but those are the ones that I saw personally on Twitter. A cynical person might see this as a way to curry favor with the general public, who know Ninja was signed for tens of millions and left with even more. I’m not sure that’s the case, though.

These streaming platforms wouldn’t even exist without dedicated creators working on them. It’s nice to see that a variety of streamers/communities are coming together to help out the Mixer streamers that are soon to be without a place to call home. Ross O’Donovan, Alpharad and many others are opening up their huge platforms to let people advertise themselves. The same goes for class acts like iAmBrandonTV.

It’s going to be a rough road for many streamers who called Mixer home. In particular, the smaller streamers who weren’t partners, or weren’t making big-time money on the platform. Now, Facebook is reportedly offering a one-time $2,500 signing bonus for Mixer partners that switch to Facebook Gaming.

That sounds like an excellent deal, but I’d be a liar if I said I liked it. I hope plenty of streamers turn down this pay-off and find a home elsewhere. It’s deplorable how Mixer treated their employees and streamers, only to throw them away when things weren’t working. Do what’s best for you if you’re involved. I understand I’m speaking from a position where that isn’t affecting me, but I feel nothing but empathy for the people who got punished here.

It’s a shame this happened. I cannot help but wonder if it’s possible to create a streaming platform that cares about the people that help them grow and make them money. If such a place does develop out of Mixer’s ashes, I will keep an eye on them.


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